Cooler for Lehto as He Runs a Set of Jacks into Broadway

Level 6: 200/400 (400)

Entries: 248/307

Thomas Hansen and Jani Lehto both checked the 7 J K 10 board after the turn with less than 20,000 in the pot when Petur Hardarson bet 16,000. Hansen folded before the action paused on Lehto. Eventually, Lehto jammed for 17,100 and was called by Hardarson.

Jani Lehto: J J

Petur Hardarson: A Q

Lehto flopped a set of jacks but looked stunned like a deer in the headlights when he saw that Hardarson improved to Broadway on the turn. Lehto still had some hope to survive but none of his outs came with the 4 river completing the board.

Petur Hardarson - 75,000

Jani Lehto - 0

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