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Clash of the Short Stacks

Level 2: 3K/6K (6K)
Entries: 69/70

Pablo Noval entered Day 1c with a short stack of 306,000 that he accumulated during an online phased qualifier at partypoker. He was able to chip up a bit during Level 2 against another short-stacked player in Ridvan Kilincaslan.

Noval had his remaining stack of 225,000 in the middle with Q 10 against Kilincaslan's A 4 . Kilincaslan didn't seem that confident that his hand would hold and got out of his chair on the K 2 6 flop. He let out a small chuckle after his opponent paired up on the Q turn, which also gave Kilincaslan a flush draw. The 5 river didn't help Kilincaslan and he got out of his seat until Noval told him that he had him covered.

Pablo Noval - 600,000
Ridvan Kilincaslan - 200,000

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