Cinderella Story for Gieles Continues as He Takes the Chip Lead

Level 30: 2,500,000/5,000,000 (5,000,000)
Entries: 3/450

Steve O’Dwyer min-raised the button with 7 6 and Luuk Gieles defended his big blind with 9 5 .

Both players checked the 10 5 3 flop before Gieles nailed two pair on the 9 turn. Gieles bet 7 million and O’Dwyer called.

The A river completed the board on the river. Gieles checked and O’Dwyer attempted a bluff with a bet of 37 million. Gieles raised to 93 million and won the pot after O’Dwyer folded.

Gieles continues his Cinderella story. Just moments ago he was down to less than three big blinds and after this hand miraculously catapulted into the chip lead.

Luuk Gieles - 176.5 million
Steve O’Dwyer - 143 million

Luuk Gieles
Luuk Gieles

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