Christos Tomas was almost got away from a massive defeat

Christos Tomas was up against Italian Giulio Gallo. The hand would turn out in a massive cooler.

We arrived at the table when the flop have A 5 J . With approximately 40,000 in the middle already, Gallo had bet 23,000 after the check of Tomas. Tomas decided to make the call, and both saw the 3 on the turn.

Gallo felt that he had something on his hook, and made a powerful bet of 75,000, on which Tomas went into the tank. It took a while, and for me as a writer it was either great theatre play, or he had a real tough cookie to crumble. It would be eventually the last option, as he went all-in after a long while. Gallo had no time to think, as he already opened up his cards after saying the worst word in the eyes of Tomas, ''Call''.

Tomas: A K

Gallo A A

Even Gallo had hit top set, Tomas was still alive drawing to a flush. It wasn't the case in this fairy-tale, as the river would bring a J , giving a full-house to Gallo.

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