“Chip Billionaire” Espen Ringstad Bags the Chip Lead in the Coolbet Open Main Event

Espen RIngstad
Espen RIngstad

Espen Ringstad was on the grind in more than one way on Day 1b of the Coolbet Open €550 Main Event at Olympic Park Casino and the Hilton Tallinn Park.

The Norwegian not only bagged the Day 1b chip lead with 420,500 in chips but he is well ahead of the Day 1a chip leader Ranno Sootla who bagged 350,000. Ringstad was on a hardcore drinking grind since the moment cards were in the air and even asked the reporting team to track his drink intake against his chip count increase before the first break. Unfortunately, our calculators were unable to handle his major surge in chips compared to an almost equally impressive amount of beers.

Ringstad was not only joking around and showing timely bluffs all day long at his table but he also called claimed to the reporting team early on to have 1.5 million in chips from his 30,000 starting stack when he had about 80,000. This steadily increased every time until he claimed to be a chip billionaire. While accumulating a billion chips isn't something that is possible at the Coolbet Open, he has the next best thing as he will be in the driver's seat to start Day 2 on Friday at noon EEST.

While Ringstad was easily the hero on Day 1b, two other Norwegians rounded out the top three in chip counts including Jacob Reinholt (256,300) and Sverre Rydning (250,500). Two Finnish players in Termo Palmroos (247,500) and Verneri Sivula (190,000) round out the top five for the day.

Day 1b Top 10 Chip Counts

PlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
Espen RingstadNorway420,500263
Jacob ReinholdtNorway256,300160
Sverre RydningNorway250,500157
Terno PalmroosFinland247,500155
Verneri SivulaFinland190,000119
Jon PersentNorway172,000108
Line LindsholmNorway166,100104
Janis VasiljevsLatvia165,400103
Quang T DoanFinland164,500103
Conny ErikssonSweden161,900101

After a 2 1/2 year break due to the pandemic, the Coolbet Open has been a massive success. Day 1b attracted 390 entries by itself to bring the total field size up to 583 entries when taking into account the 193 entries on Day 1a. The field will continue to grow with late registration open until the conclusion of the first blind level of tomorrow's Day 2. Although it isn't likely that this Coolbet Open will surpass the record 686 entries attracted during the last Coolbet Open, it is still something on the radar.

A total of 167 players survived Day 1a, meaning that there will be 232 players bagged chips into Day 2 thus far.

The action will resume on Friday, May 27 at noon EEST for Day 2 with blinds at 800/1,600 with a big blind ante of 1,600. PokerListings will be on the floor from the time cards are in the air until players have bagged chips into Saturday's final day. Stay tuned to see who will win the 2022 Coolbet Open Main Event.

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