Cavailles Cuts Into Mulder’s Chip Lead

Level 13: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries: 5/10

Vincent Cavailles
Vincent Cavailles

Vincent Cavailles limped from the small blind with Q 5 before Teun Mulder jacked it up to 175,000 with 9 8 from the big blind. Cavailles boldly three-bet to 475,000 and Mulder called.

Cavailles improved to top pair on the 3 6 Q flop and fired out for 275,000 and Mulder called with some backdoors.

The 7 turn opened up a straight draw for Mulder. Cavailles checked. Mulder bet 300,000 and Cavailles called. Both players checked after the 6 river completed the board and Cavailles won the hand with top pair.

Teun Mulder - 3.9 million
Vincent Cavailles - 3.0 million

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