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Brzeski Doubles Through Tusal

Level 13: 40K/80K (80K)
Entries: 44/145

Pawel Brzeski was down to about 15 big blinds when he got them in with A 3 and was looked up by Sebastian Tusal with 5 5 .

Brzeski was behind but that didn't last for long after his ace paired on the 7 4 A flop. He had a sweat though with the 6 turn giving Tusal an open-ended straight draw. Neither trips nor the straight came for Tusal on the 7 river and Brzeski doubled through Tusal.

Meanwhile, the field is down to just 44 players with half the remaining field advancing to Day 2 with 22 survivors guaranteed at least a min-cash of €5,000 for their efforts.

Sebastian Tusal - 4.3 million
Pawel Brzeski - 2.5 million

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