Broadway for Mikk on a Scary Board

Level 30: 75,000/150,000 (150,000)

Entries: 2/848

Kaido Mikk limped from the button with A 10 before Mikko Ylamaki checked his option from the big blind with A 7 .

Ylamaki check-called for 150,000 after both players improved to top pair on the A K 2 flop before he checked again on the J turn. Mikk fired out for 500,000 and Ylamaki called.

Mikk was ahead but improved even more to Broadway on the Q river but was also a scary card for both players with a fourth club on the board. 

Both players checked and Mikk extended his lead with the best hand.

Kaido Mikk - 11.8 million

Mikko Ylamaki - 7.7 million

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