Blind vs. Blind Battle Between Avela and Hallik with Surprising River Action

After Kert Hallik tripled up at table just before the break, he just won another huge pot in a blind vs. blind battle against young gun Max Avela.

We're not sure about the preflop action, but when we arrived at the table there were 6k in the middle and the flop read A 10 5 (an educated guess about the action before the flop is that Avela raised the small blind and Hallik called).

The flop went check / check. Turn: 9 . Now Avela bet 3k and Hallik called.

The river brought the K which completed several possible draws. Avela checked and Hallik bet 7k. Seemingly out of nowhere Avela racked up chips for a raise and moved a bit over 40k over the betting line. Hallik almost instantly made the call.


Max Avela: J J
Kert Hallik: A Q

Avela turned his third pair into a bluff on this river and Hallik managed to turn a thin value bet into a bluff catcher.

Kert Hallik - 130,000
Max Avela - 15,000

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