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Better Flush Draw for Bagocius

Level 11: 800/1,600 (1,600)
Entries: 101/285

Henrik Tellving bet 6,200 into a pot of 20,500 with the 2 9 Q 6 on the board after the turn. Mantas Bagocius jammed for 29,000 and Tellving looked to be visibly in pain as he tanked for a few minutes. Eventually, Tellving called.

Mantas Bagocius: A K
Henrik Tellving: 10 8

"I lost some of my outs," Tellving commented.

A blank 5 completed the board on the river and Bagocius managed to double his stack with ace-high.

Mantas Bagocius - 80,000
Henrik Tellving - 60,000

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