Benelli out in 7th

Andrea Benelli, 2-time 4th place finisher during an European Poker Tour Main Event, goes down in 8th place for € 10,800.00. The keu spot which resulted in almost hitting the rail directly, was the previous hand mention in this blog. Tens versus Queens.

In the last hand, he threw in his 1,5 big blind with A J and was up against the Q J of Ferro, and the K 10 of Ritrovato, and to make it worse, also the Q 3 of Eros Nastasi.

Flop brought K 7 2 , and it was time for blood shedding action as Ritrovato flopped top-pair, and Nastasi is drawing to a flush. After a check around, the 5 on the turn made Ritrovato shoved his stack into the middle. Everyone else went out of the way, and Benelli was in bad shape. Even more when the 2 hit the river, that Nastasi would have given the flush eventually.

Benelli is out!

Andrea Benelli

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