Atli Thrastarson Eliminated in 6th Place(€10,170)

Level 28: 50k / 100k
Entries: 6 / 648 Entries

Atli Thrastarson
Atli Thrastarson

Atli Thrastarson was by far the least active player at the final table as he was more or less card dead for the entire time he was in his seat. As he was down to 8 big blinds he found A Q and shoved all-in from UTG which got through. He was up to 10 big blinds again.

Next hand he found K 5 in the big blind. It was folded to Vegard Andreassen in the small blind who shoved all-in for effectively 10 big blinds with Q 4 .

Thrastarson had an easy call with a King against Andreassen's wide range.

Unfortunately for Thrastarson the board gave Andreassen a pair: Q 10 10 7 J

With that hand, Thrastarson was eliminated in 6th position and we're down to only five players.

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