“Another Bluff Gets Through”

Level 9: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Entries: 216/376

Espen RIngstad
Espen RIngstad

Espen Ringstad has been joking with PokerListings since the beginning of the day about how he has more than 1 million in chips. He isn't quite there yet but has been building his stack throughout Day 1b. He also asked whether we could track the number of beers and correlate that to his chip stack, but we have failed to keep up after half a dozen drinks or so.

It goes without saying Ringstad has been enjoying his time at the Coolbet Open. This also applies to his play on the table.

In a recent hand, Ringstad bet 12,500 into a pot of a bit more with the A 2 9 on the flop and was called by Antti Pietarinen. Ringstad then fired out for 25,300 on a blank turn. Pietarinen tanked for a minute before he folded. Ringstad decided to show the table his bluff and turned over king-jack.

"Another bluff gets through," Ringstad said as he was piling up more chips into his already big stack.

Espen Ringstad - 150,000

Antti Pieterinen - 30,000

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