Andrey Koks Picks up Lianes Bluff

Level 13: 1,200/2,400 (2,400)

Entries: 169 / 652

Andrey Koks
Andrey Koks

Alex Lianes who spent the first hours of the day at the same table as our former chip leader Espen Ringstad was moved to another table where he quickly donated some of his stack Andrey Koks.

On a river with roughly 35k in the middle the board read Q 8 7 -3 -9 and Lianes bet 25k. Koks thought for a while and then proclaimed: "I want to see that." And he saw:

Alex Lianes: A 2
Andrey Koks: Q 10

Top pair was good enough for the Estonian and he raked in an 85k pot.

Andrey Koks - 125,000
Alex Lianes - 250,000

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