Alessandro La Cava Eliminated in 7th Place (€13,000)

Level 30: 125,000/250,000 (250,000)
Entries: 6/1,326

Alessandro La Cava limped from under the gun. Thomas Harnes called from the small blind and Glen Gaines checked his option from the big blind.

The players in the blinds checked the A 5 2 flop. La Cava fired out for 825,000. Harnes called and Gaines folded. Harnes checked again on the 4 turn. La Cava jammed for around 2.5 million and Harnes snap-called.

Alessandro La Cava: A J
Thomas Harnes: A 3

Harnes already had a wheel and La Cava was only drawing to a chop. The blank 7 completed the board on the river and Harnes ousted La Cava in 7th place while taking over the chip lead.

Thomas Harnes - 20 million
Alessandro La Cava - 0

Alessandro La Cava
Alessandro La Cava
7Alessandro La CavaItaly€13,000
8Steven SmithUnited Kingdom€9,000
9Karl MetzGermany€5,990

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