Aces Again for Kostickis

Level 26: 30,000/60,000

Entries: 8/848

Paulius Kostickis
Paulius Kostickis

Paulius Kostickis eliminated David Berggren early at the final table with aces vs. kings and he just got pocket rockets again in a hand against Kaido Mikk.

Kostickis opened for 120,000 from middle position with A A before Mikk defended his big blind with 10 8 . Both players checked the 6 7 8 flop before Mikk led out for 120,000 on the 6 turn. The 7 river completed the board. Mikk fired out for 300,000 and Kostickis called to win the hand with a better two pair.

Paulius Kostickis - 3 million

Kaido Mikk - 2.7 million

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