Absolute carnage at the end of Day 1H

Hand-For-Hand play was needed to conclude the last opening flight of the the Grand Prix event. We had reached the guarantee prize pool in this event, and due to the fact it was a Turbo Edition, the blinds would be from another level compared to the previous flights. A total of 290 entries came to play the turbo flight from 11:00 CET onwards here at Portomaso Casino.

Hand-for-Hand action:

  • Player all-in with 80,000 on blinds 15,000/30,000. The big blind is a big stack and he calls it off with any two. Player at risk had [Ax][Kx] and the big blind had [8x][3x]. An ace on the flop would seal the deal for the short stack and he doubled up.
  • A player was allin with [5x][6x] as he was forced all-in approximately, if he would have looked around, he would have thought twice about the hand perhaps. He was called by the initial raiser with [Kx][Jx]. The board gave a King and the job was done. We had one of the two players bust to conclude this flight.
  • One player had to bust and then carnage started. Player was at risk with [Ax][4x], he was put at risk by someone who had him covered, and he showed [4x][6x]. The flop turn would give a straight to the player in the big blind, but the river gave a split pot with a [6x].
  • At another table it was very intense. The small blind had just 2,000 behind, but folded when the CU went all-in. This because the big blind was forced all-in. However, the big blind won with [Qx][3x] against the pocked 9's from his opponent. So another double up.
  • The fifth all-in during the hand-for-hand play had another player at risk. This time it would be the final hand. He lost with [9x][2x] against [Ax][Jx].

We are going to take a small break now and will join the action at Day 2 in roughly 30 minutes from now.

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