Live Betting Strategy

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Live Betting

Live betting, also known as In-Play betting depending on which betting provider you are signed up with, has become enormously popular in recent years. As its name suggests, live betting allows you to bet on live sporting games or matches, taking advantage of events as they unfold. Live betting is especially popular due to its fast pace and rapidly changing odds for all live markets.

Thanks to flexible and exciting betting opportunities, live betting platforms are expanding rapidly. You’ll find that the vast majority of quality betting providers now feature live betting platforms. Switching from pre-match betting to live betting is as simple as clicking on the option available within your sportsbook’s betting page.

However, is live betting really worth the effort? Can you participate in live betting if you are a novice sports bettor? What sort of sports are available for live betting? What makes for a good, dependable live betting strategy?

Our easy to read guide to live betting and live betting strategies seeks to answer all of these questions and more.

Live Bet Quick-Facts

  • Bet on various sports live and in real time.
  • Take advantage of critical events as they unfold.
  • Variety of betting options available.
  • Place live bets right up until the final moment of the game.
  • Live betting requires constant attention.
  • Find great bonuses and promotions for live betting.

Live Betting Breakdown

What is the biggest difference between betting pre-match and live betting? For the most part, in pre-match betting the odds are set (give or take an adjustment or two here or there). However, the really beauty of live betting is that the odds are always dynamic, meaning that sportsbooks will change the odds based on unfolding events. This makes for an extremely exciting, and extremely absorbing betting experience.

Live Betting tennis game

In-Play (live) betting is, by far, the most dynamic of all betting options on the web. Since bookmakers are constantly adjusting and updating their odds across a plethora of markets, the key live betting strategy here is to always be engaged. If you choose to participate in live betting, you will need to have your live betting page open throughout the duration of the match in order to not miss any updates.

Again, depending on your sports betting provider, you may also be able to follow the match from your live betting platform. This is known as live match streaming and it can be a great way to stay on top of developments and take advantage of new betting opportunities. Live streaming is usually available for most popular sports including soccer, tennis, rugby, American football, basketball, horse racing and more.

What Goes into a Live Betting Strategy?

Live betting is a beast on its own and shouldn’t necessarily be conflated with pre-match betting as far as approach and strategy is concerned. For one thing, live betting, unlike pre-match betting, is not as simple as choosing your bet and odds and submitting your bet slip.

Live betting is about staying engaged for the entire duration of the event, it requires attention and focus all the time. Your live betting strategy will also be improved significantly by studying up as much as you can before the event even starts. Knowing how the teams have been performing going into the match, coach and player stats, goal or point scoring records, team discipline and so much more, all contributes to a sound live betting strategy.

Shot on buzzer basketball

Live betting is also a great addition to your usual pre-match betting strategies. For example, if you take a standard Over/Under bet for a soccer match, with a total line posted at 2.5 (total goals scored). However, while everyone anticipated an action-packed game, nothing happens for the first half. Since you selected over in your Totals bet, it looks like you might be losing that one.

This is where paying attention to live In-Play betting becomes very useful. As the odds for the Over bet are beginning to diminish, the odds for the Under bet are beginning to increase. In this way you can still ‘hedge’ your original bet (the match isn’t over), by taking advantage of the under position with a live bet. In this way, you can add the live betting option to your usual pre-match betting routine to further enhance your wins and profit margins.

What is Live Betting Especially Useful for?

Ask anyone who bets on soccer, one of the hardest events to deal with in pre-match betting is the late goal. While it might excite fans to no end, it can wreak havoc on an otherwise flawless bet. This is where switching to live betting options can really count in your favour.

Since live betting is valid for the full duration of the game or event (including any time over the normal play time), taking advantage of late goals scored, or any other event as it happens is what live betting is especially useful for. Again, this is where really paying attention and being engaged for the entire duration of the event really pays off. If you notice that the underdog is beginning to rally towards the last few minutes of the game, betting on a late goal could really pay off and provide a nice profit, over and above what you may have made from your pre-match bets.

Live Bet FAQ

  • How do I find the live betting option at my betting provider?

    Since almost all betting providers now feature live (in-play) betting, you will be able to find it directly from their homepage. In most cases, the Live Betting option is a separate tab right next to their standard (pre-match) betting tab. Clicking on it will bring up specific events exclusively available for live betting.
  • What sort of sports can I use live betting on?

    Live betting covers a wide range of sporting types including soccer, hockey, basketball, rugby, tennis, horse racing, MMA, American football, volleyball and many other sports.
  • What is “live streaming”?

    Live streaming is a live video service that is used to broadcast highlighted sporting events. This includes coverage on major soccer matches and other top sporting events. Live streaming is usually free of charge to members of the sports betting provider.

Final Thoughts on Live Betting Strategies

Live betting can be a superb way to enhance your overall sports betting strategy. Being able to ‘hedge’ your pre-match bets by covering unforeseen developments with a live bet can be a great way to save a disastrous bet or simply take advantage of a favourable development. While you don’t necessarily need a great deal of experience to start live betting, knowing your sport, the teams involved and paying attention throughout the event will pay off.