Jason Mercier Reflects on Epic Career-Making Call at EPT San Remo

Jason Mercier is a household name in the poker world, but if it wasn't for an amazing call he made at EPT San Remo in 2008 perhaps none of it would have been possible.

In the latest episode of PokerListings.com's Best Poker Moments, Mercier looks back on the call that propelled him towards one of the biggest heaters in live poker history.

“That hand had a lot of influence on what happened afterwards,” said Mercier. “If I had called and lost the hand or even folded the hand there's a good chance I don't win the tournament.

“If I don't win the tournament maybe I'm not as motivated to play as many live tournaments and win more. There's a lot of little things in poker where if one hand doesn't happen a certain way, your whole career changes.

"I think that was a really pivotal point for me to make that call, win that hand and go on to win the tournament.”

Mercier did make the call, win the hand and go on to win the tournament and for the next few years he absolutely crushed the live tournament circuit. But Mercier says none of his tournament wins since have even come close to making him as happy as when he won EPT San Remo.

Check out the video below to hear the whole story from Jason Mercier himself. Use the links underneath to watch more Best Poker Moments.

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