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JackPoker Celebrates Legendary Poker Hand With a New Welcome Bonus

JackPoker Celebrates Legendary Poker Hand With a New Welcome Bonus

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re getting ready to celebrate. In the very nearby future JackPoker will deal their 111 111 111th hand at their poker tables, and naturally there will be a lot of festivities when this occurs. You should all be aware by now that JackPoker enjoys being innovative and there’s always some interesting and unique stuff going on at their poker site.

This milestone celebration is no exception and there will be an exciting promotion running on the site when the historic hand has been dealt. This, together with their other JackPoker promotions, makes JackPoker one of the sites on which you need to hang out on.

Let’s take a look and see how JackPoker will celebrate together with their players!

Special Welcome Lootbox Offer

The countdown is live on JackPoker, and soon they will reach the legendary number in terms of poker hands dealt. Players would be wise to hit the JackPoker tables, seeing as they will win a share of $111 111 if they play a part of the legendary hand.

JackPoker Welcome Lootbox 2024

That’s not the only way this milestone will be celebrated, however. When the occasion has occurred, JackPoker will launch a new JackPoker welcome bonus in form of the Welcome Lootbox. When new players make their first deposit on JackPoker, the will receive a box including various goods. For example, all new JackPoker players will receive a $500 Bonus Bonanza ticket when doing their deposit. These JackPoker poker tournaments has a high guaranteed prize pool compared to their relatively low buy-ins.

JackPoker Welcome Lootbox Content

1,000 % InstaCash
$500 Bonus Bonanza Ticket
300 Free Spins

With that in mind, make sure that you tell all your friends about JackPoker’s new Welcome Lootbox offer. This will be one of the best online poker bonuses out there, and it would be a shame if your poker friends missed out on such a great opportunity!

The Bad Beat Jackpot Is Bigger Than Ever Before

As if this already wasn’t a celebration worthy of gods, there’s more. The JackPoker Bad Beat Jackpot is growing and now, it’s bigger than ever before.

If you’ve ever experience a bad beat at the poker tables, you know there are few – if any – worse feelings in poker. Luckily, JackPoker have your back and the will make your life much less miserable when the runout is not in your favor. With the new and improved Bad Beat Jackpot, you can get up to $2,000 back when you lose a pot in the worst ways possible!

JackPoker Bad Beat Jackpot – Rules

NL Cash GamesLose from full house with sevens100 BB
PLO Cash GamesLose from full house with jacks100 BB
PLO5 Cash GamesLose from full house with aces100 BB

JackPoker has brought many players a lot of joy throughout their years on the online poker scene, and we’re thrilled that they will reach this amazing milestone in terms of poker hands dealt. It’s become evidential that JackPoker is a site for the players and there’s no doubt they have planned a fitting celebration for this legendary occasion. Head over to the JackPoker tables as soon as possible and try to be involved in the 111 111 111th hand!

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