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iDEAL Poker: Leading payment method in the Netherlands

iDEAL is a Netherlands-based payment method that facilitates fast and secure bank-to-merchant transfers. It has been in use since 2005 and is being increasingly used by the Dutch for everything from playing energy bills to charitable donations to paying taxes and fines.

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iDEAL Poker Payment Option

Since its introduction more than 1 billion online payments have been made via iDEAL and its presence is increasing in the Dutch online poker market daily. iDEAL can now be used to pay online in more than 100,000 online stores and organizations and ranks among the top 10 most indispensable brands in the Netherlands.

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Advantages of iDEAL Poker Sites

  • Simple and secure bank-to-site transfers
  • No fees for iDEAL poker deposits
  • Deposits arrive in your online poker account immediately and ready for play
  • Withdrawals can also be available
  • Can make deposits via mobile
  • No credit card or eWallet needed
  • No need to create a new account or password - you simply use the online banking format you already use

iDEAL Poker FAQs

  • How Do I Make an iDEAL Poker Deposit?

    The process of depositing money on a poker site using iDEAL is similar to most ways you deposit online. First, of course, you need an account at the poker site you'd like to play at. If you already have one, great. If you don't, sign up via one of the links in our reviews for an exclusive online poker bonus. Once you have an account, log in and head to the "cashier" page or follow any "make a deposit" link. Once there scroll through your list of options until you see the iDEAL logo (see picture above). Click on the logo and you'll be directed to a new screen where you can enter the amount you want to deposit and select your bank from the list of participating banks Simply follow the prompts to access your bank account and complete the deposit. The money should arrive in your poker account almost instantly but might take a minute or two Contact customer support for the poker site if there are any delays in the transfer and they can help you complete it
  • Which Poker Sites Accept iDEAL?

    If you live in the Netherlands and have an account at any of the major banks you'll likely find that any poker site you want to play at accepts iDEAL as a payment method. At the top of the list, of course, is PokerStars, which is the most popular poker site in the world but you can also deposit at partypoker and more.
  • Which Banks Use iDEAL?

    Rabobank, SNS Bank, Fortis, ING Bank (Postbank) and ABN Amro have all entered into partnerships with iDEAL to give account holders the option to transfer money to poker sites.
  • Can I Use iDEAL for Mobile Deposits to My Online Poker Account?

    Yep, no problem. If the poker site accepts iDEAL as payment method that's no different for their mobile app. Simply follow the instructions in a similar fashion to how you would on a desktop computer or your laptop. Once you've navigated to the cashier page it should be fairly self explanatory. If any hiccups occur, contact the poker site's customer support team. You can install the iDeal app on your smartphone or tablet. Most Dutch banks offer their online service through their own customized iDeal application. If you then choose the iDeal option from your smartphone or tablet you will be redirected to the mobile app. Often you only need to enter one fixed verification code that you created when installing the app. Depositing money therefore goes twice as fast! An additional external verification device is no longer required. With the latest update of the iDeal app at some banks you can also verify desktop payments via the mobile app. Sometimes bills can even be sent via an e-mail link however most poker rooms will not yet offer this. Dutch users of mobile banking apps can also now make iDEAL payments by scanning secure QR-codes with their smartphones. For this you need a separate app for most banks. You install this iDeal QR scanner on your mobile, scan the code of the payment order and then complete the payment order in the normal way. This payment method is still fairly new and is currently not used by online poker rooms. However, we do expect that to change in the future.
  • Are There Any Downsides to Using iDEAL?

    If you don't live in the Netherlands using iDEAL isn't really an option for you. Given how quick, secure and efficient it is, that is a bit of a downside. If you're a Dutch user there really isn't anything to steer you away from iDEAL as a payment method. You do access your bank account to make the transaction but your details are highly protected and secure so there's nothing to worry about. As always there can be email phishing attempts with phony iDEAL logos to try and gain your log in details but as long as you only deal directly with the cashier page in the online poker client you're never at any risk.
  • Is My iDEAL Poker Deposit Secure?

    Yep, absolutely. While you do access your own online banking details the encryption services provided by your bank are always the highest possible. Again, never open any emails asking for your banking information as they are likely phishing attempts. Using iDEAL directly through the merchant's website is always secure though.
  • Are There iDEAL Deposit and Withdrawal Limits?

    As you're dealing directly with your own bank account the only deposit and withdrawal limits will be those set by the poker site itself. Minimum deposits for poker sites can be as low as €10 so you can get in the action on the cheap. You can also set maximum deposit limits for yourself through the poker site client. The withdrawal process usually takes a bit longer and may or may not have a small fee depending on the poker site. All poker sites typically have daily and weekly withdrawal limits and all withdrawals undergo a review process. If you've had a big score and expect to get it transferred to your bank account instantaneously you'll likely be disappointed. That said, though, most withdrawals are processed within 2-5 working days so as long as there has been nothing untoward in your play you'll see your money in your bank account relatively quickly.
  • Are There Any iDEAL Online Poker Bonuses?

    Online poker bonuses aren't tied to the deposit method you use to get money into your account; they're just offered as incentive to create a new account. You'll be eligible for your poker bonus as long as you create a new account and meet any play-through requirements. Occasionally poker sites can offer an extra incentive - such as a 10-15% bonus - for using one particular deposit method but in the case of iDEAL that's not likely to happen.
  • Can I Use iDEAL for a US Poker Deposit?

    Short answer: No. iDEAL is a specific payment method exclusive to the Netherlands. A variety of other poker payment methods are available to US players in the 3 states (New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada - and soon-to-be Pennsylvania) that currently have legalized online poker. That includes credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Discover card, American Express), third-party eWallets (Neteller, PayPal, Skrill) and in-house casino player cards from casinos that have an online poker software partner. If you live in (or are visiting) one of those states, check with the local casino/poker site for more detail on your deposit options.
  • Can I Use iDEAL on PokerStars?

    Yes, but only if you live in the Netherlands. Check PokerStars' real-money information page and/or its cashier page for more information on how to use iDEAL to make deposits and withdrawals.
  • Can I Use iDEAL on partypoker?

    Yes; same conditions apply as for PokerStars.
  • How Many People Use iDEAL as a Payment Method?

    Just how often is iDEAL used as a payment method in the Netherlands? According to a recent survey an eye-popping 60% of consumers used iDEAL to pay for their most recent purchase online. When that many customers pick it as their preferred option you can be sure it provides exactly what you're looking for.

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