How to Make the Most of the $1,200 WPT Global Welcome Bonus

How to Make the Most of the $1,200 WPT Global Welcome Bonus

The new provider WPT Global offers its players a fantastic welcome bonus of up to $1,200. We explain here how this bonus works, how to make the most of the bonus and what to look out for.

The WPT Global Welcome Bonus

These are the basic conditions of the bonus:

  • Every player is entitled to the bonus with their first deposit.
  • The bonus amount is 100% of the first deposit up to $1,200.
  • The minimum deposit is $20.
  • The bonus is released by playing real money poker games (cash games and tournaments).
  • For every $20 in generated rake, $5 bonus will be credited to the player account.
  • Each player has 90 days to clear the bonus.
  • The bonus amount not released after 90 after the first deposit will be forfeited.

How Good is the WPT Global Bonus?

WPT Global's deposit bonus is good to very good compared to other poker sites. The total amount of $1,200 is bigger than what most other providers offer. For example, PokerStars, partypoker and GGPoker only offer up to $600 bonus.

The bonus is released in $5 increments for every $20 rake paid. Meaning, that while you clear the bonus, you effectively get 25 percent cash-back. This is a good rate. Many other providers have a release rate in a similar range between 20 and 28 percent.

The duration of the bonus is 90 days, which is equal to what other providers offer. Every player has about three months to clear the bonus. Thus, even with only moderate volume, you have ample time to play a lot of hands and tournaments and thus receive a big bonus amount.

The games and stakes offered at WPT Global are still comparatively low. Primarily, you will find low-stakes cash games and small tournaments. Of course, you pay only small amounts of rake in these games and it takes a long time to clear the bonus. If you want to earn the full $1,200 bonus, you have to be prepared to spend a lot of time at the tables over the 90 days after your first deposit.

The good thing about the WPT Global bonus is that you don't have to clear it completely. Not all providers offer this luxury. Many casino providers, for example, have the condition that the entire bonus needs to be cleared before it is released. Not so with WPT Global. For example, if you deposit $1,200 and receive the full bonus amount, but only clear $800 after 90 days, then only the remaining $400 will be forfeited and you can use the earned $800 freely.

The bottom line is that WPT Global's bonus is very good and should be used by every player.

About WPT Global

WPT Global Logo

The poker provider WPT Global went live in April this year and is a licensed partner of the World Poker Tour. The poker room is available in over 50 countries and caters to an international pool of players worldwide - including Asia and South America.

WPT Global is the first poker site to offer the revolutionary concept of NFT avatars. Through the Poker Heroes Club, players can secure one of only 9,999 unique avatars. Depending on the level of the avatar, these give access to additional features and VIP areas at WPT Global.

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