Have Fun With the Splash Feature at GGPoker

Have Fun With the Splash Feature at GGPoker

For the vast majority of poker fans, however ambitious we might be, and however big a bankroll we strive for, it’s an absolute imperative that we have fun - real money online poker should primarily be affordable entertainment.

The further we develop our game, the more serious our approach becomes, but that doesn’t mean that online poker operators shouldn’t focus some of their efforts on the fun aspects. Whether we’re into Texas Hold'em or Omaha cash or prefer the ups and downs of Sit & Go games or online poker tournaments we can always enjoy this or that amusing feature along the way.

From the very moment GGPoker appeared as the new kid on the block it was clear that here was something different. A champion of recreational players, GGPoker has adopted a very player-friendly attitude that helps create an overall experience that’s impossible not to bring a smile to the face of even the most dedicated grinder. One fun feature that not brings light relief to what can be an adrenaline rollercoaster is Splash ...   

What Is Splash at GGPoker?

“Wanna trash’em? Splash’em!” - so goes the catchy line that GGPoker has rolled out to introduce Splashes. In the old days of online poker, if we wished to talk about poker hands or life in general we had the Chat facility which, rightly or wrongly, some would use to blow off a bit of steam, perhaps after a bad beat or run of poor fortune. Thanks to the wonders of technology there are other resources at our disposal, and at GGPoker you can express yourself in a fun way if you get a bad beat or are tilting etc. For example, wouldn’t it be fun to vent your frustration by throwing a virtual bucket of water at an opponent?

Splash – How It Works

The Splash feature allows you to direct your displeasure – in a pleasurable way – at those players at the table who give you a tough time. Splashes are awarded to players who have been on the wrong side of a loss, enabling you to at least manage a bit of revenge. This could be in the form of throwing an egg! You can even blow smoke or teasingly jab your target for taking your chips. Note that splashes can be used only on the winner of a hand.

Get ready to do your worst... choose your virtual Splash item and let loose!

As long as you meet certain conditions, there are four unique splashes available - Water Bucket, Egg, Smoke Screen and Punches! The Egg cracks to then splatter against your target's screen, the Smoke Screen hazes up an opponent's view and the Punch connects to your opponent’s face – it’s all virtual, remember, so no harm done!

There are a few rules and conditions attached to this indulgent fun – not only can Splashes be used just against the opponent involved in the hand, but if you or they leave the table the item will be lost, and you can hold only one item at a time.

And there’s more...

Table Reactions

As well as Splashes, you can also use virtual reactions when you think opponents might think bet too often, for instance. Give them a thumbs up or thumbs down sign accordingly! Even those players who are sitting out can have fun with the react feature, which is accessed by right-clicking on a PC or long-pressing on a Mobile.

Different poker rooms offer different overall experiences, so check out the latest online poker bonuses and offers available in our info section. Good luck at the tables, and have fun – especially if you’re splashing away at GGPoker...

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