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The 2019 Men’s Handball World Cup, which was held in Germany, elevated the game of handball and really put it on the map. Handball has always been a popular sport, and a permanent fixture at most sports betting providers. However, after its recent global coverage, more and more bettors are realizing just how interesting, fun and easy handball betting tips can be.

Whether you are new to sports betting online, or have plenty of experience in soccer betting, ice hockey or similar sports, handball betting may be the ideal addition to your betting portfolio. Handball is unique among betting sports, as it manages to combine elements of soccer, basketball and ice hockey, into one fast-paced and high scoring sport.

In this guide to handball betting strategy, we reveal interesting betting strategies that are perfectly suited to the game of handball, so you can start betting on this exciting sport right away.

Handball Quick-Facts

  • Handball is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the world.
  • Handball combines elements borrowed from soccer, ice hockey and basketball.
  • Handball is a fast-paced and high scoring sport.
  • The game is ideal for live betting.
  • There are plenty of great betting types that you can use in handball betting including 2 way bets and 3 way bets.
  • Spread bets and Over/Under bets are popular examples.

Handball – Essential Strategies and Bets

Handball is unlike any other sport and some would even say it’s more like a combination of other sports, all in one. This makes the sport of handball the ideal sport if you already follow and/or bet on fast paced and high scoring games like ice hockey, basketball or soccer.

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While the sport does at first glance seem to be quite strange and complicated, the rules are actually quite simple and getting to understand how the game works does not take long. This makes it also quite easy to apply a range of easy betting options to the game. The real trick to handball however, is to always pay attention. Since handball is very fast, with goals scored at a fairly high frequency, you will need to be on your toes in order to keep on top of unfolding events.

To get you ready for your first handball betting predictions, we’ve highlighted a few betting options and tops bellow.

Handball Betting Strategy #1 – Over/Under Betting is a Great Place to Start

Since handball is a fast, high scoring type of sport, goals are the number one priority of both teams. Things can chance rapidly in a handball game, going from relatively low scoring to incredible high scoring within just a few minutes. Taking the over/under bet is therefore a great way to get started with your handball betting strategy.

This is also one of the easiest ways to get into betting if you are new to sports betting online, since the over/under bet is built around a simple 2-way bet structure. Before the beginning of the handball match, betting providers will set the total score for the over/under bet. This is the score line that they believe could be the potential based on the teams playing. All you need do is decide if the final score will be below their posted score line, or abovetheir posted score line.

However, to really pull off the over / under bet, you will need to do some serious research into both teams.

  • Which team is better at defence?
  • Which team is better at offence?
  • What are the goal scoring stats of each team like, particularly over their last two or three games?
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If both teams are strong, there could be a good chance for a high scoring game. However, it could also mean that both teams could adopt a more controlled, defensive strategy, resulting in a lower score than anticipated.

Handball Betting Strategy # 2 – Favourites or Outsiders?

Handball is also all about favourites (strong teams), and outsiders (underdogs). Since things move quickly in handball, teams that are struggling with form or are missing key players, rarely do well against stronger opponents. In this case, going for a favourite/underdog bet can really pay off. This is especially true if you know for sure that one of the teams are currently on top form, while the other is struggling with various issues.

Handball Strategy #3 – Handicaps and Spread Bets

While it is true for the most part that favourites generally win their games in handball, nothing is finalised right until the final whistle blows. There are have been plenty of occasions where the underdog has pushed through and created an upset at the very last minute. So, how do you counteract this sort of thing? Spread betting is a great way to cover a lot of ground with a single bet. Instead of needing to decide if the favourite will win, or the underdog will upset the apple cart, spread betting allows you to decide on what that points difference will be. Handicap betting gives you similar options and ties in neatly with favourites vs. underdogs strategies. The favourite in a given match may be going in with a handicap that could see a bet on the underdog pay off for you, even if they still lose.

Handball FAQ

  • How do I find a betting provider that offers handball?

    Handball is more popular than ever before, so most good betting providers will offer handball betting. If you are unsure of where to start, we feature in-depth reviews covering some of the very best sports betting providers on the web today.
  • Can I bet on handball live?

    Yes, you can. In fact, handball is one of the most popular fixtures with online sportsbooks live betting platforms. You will almost always find great live handball betting options, with great odds and fast pay outs.
  • Can I bet on handball from my mobile?

    Yes, you can. Most top online betting sites feature excellent mobile betting platforms and handball is certainly one of the featured sports. You can bet on handball from virtually any mobile device including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

Final Thoughts on Handball Betting

Handball betting is an excellent sport to bet on, and will easily suit both novice bettors and pro bettors equally well. Handball is great if you are looking for a sport with more action, more goals and a much faster pace than many other sports are able to offer. With our simple betting guide to handball, you can start betting on handball right now at one of our recommended sports betting providers.