Goal Bet Strategy

For Intermediate
Soccer ball into the goal

Goal betting is one of the most popular sport betting types available today, and is played by millions of punters all over the world, every day. The bet is a particular favourite of soccer bettors, who use the betting type as a simple 2-way betting addition to their overall sports strategy. However, goal bets can be easily added to any betting strategy in a variety of sports markets including volleyball, basketball, handball and many other sports.

One of the main reasons for the goal bet’s enduring popularity is its flexibility and its straight forward simplicity. The goal bet can be used by virtually any bettor, from novice to pro. However, if you wish to enjoy the highest dividends from the goal bet, and unleash its full potential, our guide to goal betting tips should be your first port of call.

Goal Bet Quick-Facts

  • The goal bet is a member of the 2 way betting family.
  • Simple and easy bet to use for beginners or pros.
  • Can be used in a live betting strategy.
  • Classified as side bets (variable).
  • Great for long term betting but requires in-depth team and sport analysis.

Goal Bet Breakdown

The Goal Bet prediction isn’t actually just one single betting option, but is usually available from most top betting providers as a group of variable bets. These are known as secondary betting markets and are most commonly found within soccer (football) betting.

Goal bets can include a wide variety of interesting and simple betting options including:

  • Over/Under bets
  • Half time bets
  • Goal difference bets
  • First goal scored bets
  • Goals scored within the first 15 minutes
  • First to score
  • Last to score
Lionel Messi free kick to scores

Depending on the sports betting provider in question, you’ll find even more variations than the ones we’ve listed above. Some goal betting options such Over/Under (Total bets) are very common, and you will find them at just about every sportsbook on the web. Over/Under goal bets are very easy to get into, even if you are completely new to online sports betting. Simply decide if the number of goals scored in a game will be higher or lower (over or under) a goal line (total) posted by the sportsbook.

This type of goal bet is a simple two way bet which you can make on its own or add it to your other bets for that game. With this bet there is no need to be concerned with how many goals each individual team scores, or when they score them. The only factor that counts is if the total number of goals exceed the posted line. If the final score is 1:3 and the line posted by the bookie read 2.5, you win if your bet was on the over option.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Goal Bets?

Goal bets are very attractive due to their high win percentages and easy profit-making qualities. Since goal bets are so quick and easy to place, it can become very tempting to make them without thinking too much about them.

Gyasi Zardes USA soccer National Team scored a goal

However, it is important to remember that, like most sports bets, goal bets require their fair share of research before being placed, regardless of which event they are appearing in. For example, if you wish to put money on a number of goals scored bet, you’ll need to have a good idea of how each team has been performing thus far in the season. Will it be a high scoring game or a low scoring game? What are the odds of the game ending in a goal-less draw?

Aside from goal scoring frequencies, other performance-related factors need to be taken into consideration when setting up your goal bets.

Examples of factors worthy of consideration in your goal bet strategy should at least include:

  • Which players are currently on the injury list? This could affect goal scoring ability of the team
  • Which players are currently on suspension or have been red or yellow-carded recently?
  • How good is the current goal keeper for each team? What is their record like regarding saves and misses?
  • How strong is the current defensive line up of each team?
  • Which team (if not both) is stronger on attack?

Adding Goal Bets to Your Live Betting Options

Live betting has increased in popularity exponentially in recent years and there is plenty of scope to add goal bets here too. In fact, live betting is often the perfect platform to test out goal betting options that have been made available by your betting provider. If you have already submitted your pre-match betting options, which may include accumulator bets, Over/Under bets or other options, hedging your pre-match bets with a simple live goal bet could be an excellent way to boost your profits.

Goal Bet FAQ

  • Can I find goal bets at every betting provider?

    Generally speaking, you should have no problem finding at least some goal bet options at your betting provider. Goal bet options are very popular, so it makes sense for any good betting provider to offer them. A good way to be sure is to read our in-depth sports betting provider reviews to see what they have to offer.
  • What sort of goal bet options can I find normally?

    Most good betting providers will feature a variety of goal bet options including first to score, half time score, Over/Under, goal first 15 minutes and many other.
  • Can I place goal bets with In-Play betting?

    Yes, you can. In fact, most experienced sports bettors will choose to place their preferred pre-match bets and markets, and reserve their goal bet options for their live betting, taking advantage of events such as last-minute goals as and when they occur.

Final Thoughts on Betting Strategies

The goal bet option is one of the most flexible and simple betting options available at most good sports betting providers. You will generally find a lot of value across a wide range of betting options which will not only help to keep your betting interesting, but can add quickly to your profits. However, it is important not to take the simplicity of goal betting for granted, as thorough research will ensure that you goal bets work out as intended.