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Global Poker Brings Back the GOAT Championship for 2020

Prove you have what it takes to battle your way towards a GOAT title from Aug 3-23 on Global Poker. Over 200 scheduled GC & SC events, plus freerolls and a final Tournament of Champions to cap off the series. More info and full schedule below.

The Global Poker GOAT Championship has returned for August 2020 as the biggest event in the site’s history. The three-week series has over 200 events with a total of 330 million GC and 1.1M SC guaranteed. Not only will players battle for a GOAT Championship title, but also the prestigious trophy and exclusive SWAG pack. Event winners will then lock horns one last time in the Tournament of Champions on August 30. The prize? A $5,000 tournament package of their choice.

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GOAT Freerolls and Details

The GOAT Championship - Global Poker

In true Global Poker Championship tradition, the Goat II kicks off with opening freerolls on July 31 and Aug 1. These pop-up games are your chance to get into the series for free. So make sure you’re on Global Poker between 12-8 pm (ET) because you’ll only get an hour’s notice.

And act fast - because the freerolls are capped at 3,000 players and will sell out like hotcakes. Otherwise, you can buy-in for low, medium and high stakes - starting from SC 3.30, all the way up to SC 218. 

Once you’re in, you’ll begin your battle for dominance on Monday, August 3. With a mix of all the formats you know and love - including Double Chance and Progressive Bounties. We like the latter because you can bust players and walk away with a prize without necessarily winning the event.

However, over 21 days, your aim will be to score big leading up to the massive Main Event on August 23. There will be GC 5.1 million and SC 100,000 guaranteed up for grabs - a prize worth fighting for.

Winners Get the Goat Championship Pack

All Gold Coin and Sweeps Coin event winners get their own Global Poker GOAT Championship pack. Including an inscribed GOAT trophy and exclusive Global Poker GOAT merchandise. Later, winners can enter the Hometown Heroes promotion to submit images with their prizes for the opportunity of bigger rewards.

Plus, entry into the Tournament of Champions where even bigger prizes are up for grabs. Including a tournament package for an event of your choosing. However, it’s not just the showdown winners that get rewarded. Get to final table and there’s a share of SC 5,000 for you as well.

Join Global Poker Just in Time

Global Poker

Global Poker is a free online social poker room with a great game variety and over a million  players. This means bigger prize pools and more championships and tournaments like the GOAT II. US players especially can join in all the fun because there’s no purchase necessary to enjoy the diverse poker games. 

In fact, Global Poker works with a “Sweepstakes model” - which is legal in 49 states. Instead of having a poker account with real money, you can fund it with Gold Coins (GC) which you purchase. Or with ‘bonus’ credits called Sweeps Coins (SC) - which you get from Gold Coins purchases. You can use either of these to play in the Global Poker GOAT Championship. 

Want an extra bankroll boost before the GOAT II action heats up? Sign up to Global Poker through PokerListings by clicking below.

Global Poker’s The GOAT II Tournament Schedule

During The GOAT II events will replace some tournaments, including the weekend majors - same time, same buy-in. So you can play your favorites, just with the potential for bigger rewards. Below is the full The GOAT II schedule of Gold Coin and Sweeps Coins events.

DateTime (ET)GOAT EventGC Guaranteed (GTD)GC Buy-inSC Guaranteed (GTD)SC Buy-in
Sun, Aug 214:00Opening Freeroll--5,0000
Mon, Aug 319:301 - Low NLHE 1,500,00011,0005,00011
20:301 - Med NLHE3,000,00033,00010,00033
21:301 - High NLHE5,100,000110,00017,000110
22:301 - Low NLHE1,200,00011,0004,00011
Tues, Aug 419:302 - Low PLO [6-Max, Re-Buy]900,0005,5003,0005.5
20:302 - Med PLO [6-Max, Re-Buy]1,200,00011,0004,00011
21:302 - High PLO [6-Max, Re-Buy]1,800,00022,0006,00022
22:302 - Low PLO [6-Max, Re-Buy]600,0005,5002,0005.5
Wed, Aug 519:303 - Low NLHE [2R1A]1,500,0005,5005,0005.5
20:303 - Med NLHE [2R1A]3,750,00022,00012,50022
21:303 - High NLHE [2R1A]6,000,00055,00020,00055
22:303 - Low NLHE [2R1A]1,350,0005,5004,5005.5
Thur, Aug 619:304 - NLHE [Prog. Bounty, 6-Max]1,500,00011,0005,00011
20:304 - NLHE [Prog. Bounty, 6-Max]3,000,00033,00010,00033
21:304 - NLHE [Prog. Bounty, 6-Max]5,250,000110,00017,500110
22:304 - NLHE [Prog. Bounty, 6-Max]1,200,00011,0004,00011
Fri, Aug 719:305 - Low - NLHE [Ante Up]900,00011,0003,00011
20:305 - Med NLHE [Ante Up]1,500,00033,0005,00033
21:305 - High NLHE [Ante Up]2,100,00055,0007,00055
22:305 - Low - NLHE [Ante Up]750,00011,0002,50011
Sat, Aug 815:006 - Low - NLHE [Deep]1,500,00011,0005,00011
16:156 - Med NLHE [Deep]3,000,00022,00010,00022
17:306 - High NLHE [Deep]4,500,000110,00015,000110
19:307 - Low - NLHE [Bounty, 6-Max]1,500,00011,0005,00011
20:307 - Med NLHE [Bounty, 6-Max]3,000,00033,00010,00033
21:307 - High NLHE [Bounty, 6-Max]5,100,000110,00017,000110
22:307 - Low - NLHE [Bounty, 6-Max]1,200,00011,0004,00011
Sun, Aug 915:008 - Med NLHE [Deep]7,500,000110,00025,000110
16:158 - Low NLHE [Deep]3,000,00022,00010,00022
17:308 - High NLHE [Deep]16,500,000220,00055,000218
19:309 - Low NLHE [2x-Chance]1,500,00011,0005,00011
20:309 - Med NLHE [2x-Chance]3,000,00033,00010,00033
21:309 - High NLHE [2x-Chance]4,500,000110,00015,000110
22:309 - Low NLHE [2x-Chance]1,350,00011,0004,50011
Mon, Aug 1019:3010 - L NLHE [Prog. Bounty Turbo]1,500,00011,0005,00011
20:3010 - M NLHE [Prog Bounty Turbo]3,000,00033,00010,00033
21:3010 - H NLHE [Prog Bounty Turbo]5,100,000110,00017,000110
22:3010 - L NLHE [Prog. Bounty Turbo]1,200,00011,0004,00011
Tue, Aug 1119:3011 - Low NLHE [Bounty]1,500,00011,0005,00011
20:3011 - Med NLHE [Bounty]3,000,00033,00010,00033
21:3011 - High NLHE [Bounty]5,100,000110,00017,000110
22:3011 - Low NLHE [Bounty]1,200,00011,0004,00011
Wed, Aug 1219:3012 - Low NLHE [Rebuy, 6-Max]1,200,0003,3004,0003.3
20:3012 - Med NLHE [Rebuy, 6-Max]2,700,00011,0009,00011
21:3012 - High NLHE [Rebuy, 6-Max]4,950,00033,00016,50033
22:3012 - Low NLHE [Rebuy, 6-Max]900,0003,3003,0003.3
Thu, Aug 1319:3013 - Low NLHE [Prog. Bounty]1,500,00011,0005,00011
20:3013 - Med NLHE [Prog. Bounty]3,000,00033,00010,00033
21:3013 - High NLHE [Prog. Bounty]5,100,000110,00017,000110
22:3013 - Low NLHE [Prog. Bounty]1,200,00011,0004,00011
Fri, Aug 1419:3014 - Low NLHE [Turbo]1,500,00011,0005,00011
20:3014 - Med NLHE [Turbo]3,000,00033,00010,00033
21:3014 - High NLHE [Turbo]4,500,000110,00015,000110
22:3014 - Low NLHE [Turbo]1,350,00011,0004,50011
Sat, Aug 1515:0015 - Low - NLHE [Deep]1,500,00011,0005,00011
16:1515 - Med NLHE [Deep]3,000,00022,00010,00022
17:3015 - High NLHE [Deep]4,500,000110,00015,000110
19:3016 - Low PLO [2x-Chance, 6-Max]900,00011,0003,00011
20:3016 - Med PLO [2x-Chance, 6-Max]1,200,00033,0004,00033
21:3016 - High PLO [2x-Chance, 6-Max]1,800,00055,0006,00055
22:3016 - Low PLO [2x-Chance, 6-Max]600,00011,0002,00011
Sun, Aug 1615:0017 - Med NLHE [Deep]7,500,000110,00025,000110
16:1517 - Low NLHE [Deep]3,000,00022,00010,00022
17:3017 - High NLHE [Deep]16,500,000220,00055,000218
19:3018 - Low NLHE [6-Max,Turbo]1,500,00011,0005,00011
20:3018 - Med NLHE [6-Max,Turbo]3,000,00033,00010,00033
21:3018 - High NLHE [6-Max,Turbo]4,500,000110,00015,000110
22:3018 - Low NLHE [6-Max,Turbo]1,350,00011,0004,50011
Mon, Aug 1719:3019 - Low NLHE [Rebuy]1,350,0003,3004,5003.3
20:3019 - Med NLHE [Rebuy]3,000,00011,00010,00011
21:3019 - High NLHE [Rebuy]5,250,00033,00017,50033
22:3019 - Low NLHE [Rebuy]1,050,0003,3003,5003.3
Tue, Aug 1819:3020 - Low NLHE [1R1A]1,500,0005,5005,0005.5
20:3020 - Med NLHE [1R1A]3,750,00022,00012,50022
21:3020 - High NLHE [1R1A]6,000,00055,00020,00055
22:3020 - Low NLHE [1R1A]1,350,0005,5004,5005.5
Wed, Aug 1919:3021 - Low NLHE [6-Max]1,500,00011,0005,00011
20:3021 - Med NLHE [6-Max]3,000,00033,00010,00033
21:3021 - High NLHE [6-Max]4,500,000110,00015,000110
22:3021 - Low NLHE [6-Max]1,200,00011,0004,00011
Thu, Aug 2019:3022 - Low NLHE [Super Bounty]1,500,00011,0005,00011
20:3022 - Med NLHE [Super Bounty]3,000,00033,00010,00033
21:3022 - High NLHE [Super Bounty]5,100,000110,00017,000110
22:3022 - Low NLHE [Super Bounty]1,200,00011,0004,00011
Fri, Aug 2119:3023 - Low PLO [2R1A, 6-Max]900,00011,0003,00011
20:3023 - Med PLO [2R1A, 6-Max]1,200,00033,0004,00033
21:3023 - High PLO [2R1A, 6-Max]1,800,00055,0006,00055
22:3023 - Low PLO [2R1A, 6-Max]600,00011,0002,00011
Sat, Aug 2215:0024 - Low - NLHE [Deep]1,500,00011,0005,00011
16:1524 - Med - NLHE [Deep]3,000,00022,00010,00022
17:3024 - High - NLHE [Deep]4,500,000110,00015,000110
19:3025 - L NLHE [2x-Chance, 6-Max]1,500,00011,0005,00011
20:3025 - M NLHE [2x-Chance, 6-Max]3,000,00033,00010,00033
21:3025 - H NLHE [2x-Chance, 6-Max]4,500,000110,00015,000110
22:3025 - L NLHE [2x-Chance, 6-Max]1,350,00011,0004,50011
Sun Aug 2315:0026 - M Main Event NLHE [Deep]12,000,000110,00040,000110
16:1526 - L Main Event NLHE [Deep]4,500,00022,00015,00022
17:3026 - H Main Event NLHE [Deep]30,000,000220,000100,000218
19:3027 - Low NLHE:
[Prog Bounty, 6-Max, Turbo]
20:3027 - Med NLHE:
[Prog Bounty, 6-Max, Turbo]
21:3027 - High NLHE:
[Prog Bounty, 6-Max, Turbo]
22:3027 - Low NLHE:
[Prog Bounty, 6-Max, Turbo]
Sun, Aug 3014:00Tournament of Champions00

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