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Arthur Crowson is an award-winning journalist. He was born in Vancouver, Canada.

During his time in the business he has written for newspapers, magazines and Web sites. While working in print journalism he spent time on a variety of beats including sports, politics, news, entertainment and features. He is also a bit of shutter-jockey and his photography has been published in a number of newspapers and magazines.

First-Ever Interview with Jamie Gold

One of his career highlights was writing a series of stories about a boy who suffered from epilepsy and his family’s struggles to get him treatment. In 2005 Arthur was recognized for his work when he won an award for community service at the prestigious BCYCNA Ma Murray Community Newspaper awards.

Arthur has been involved exclusively with the poker industry since the 2006 World Series of Poker where he still claims to have captured the first interview with a then-unknown player named Jamie Gold on one of the days leading up to the Main Event final table. Since then Arthur has been working full-time for PokerListings.com writing news stories, covering poker tournaments, interviewing players and snapping photos.

In his spare time Arthur enjoys surfing, snowboarding and, of course, poker. He can be reached at arthur.crowson (at) pokerlistings.com.


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