Everything You Need to Know About Partydollars at partypoker

Everything You Need to Know About Partydollars at partypoker

As so often happens in life, the better things get, the more complicated it can become. The same can be said about the world of real money online poker where, as operators are falling over each other to offer the best deals, players are presented with new and varied promotions. Of course, this is a nice ‘problem’ to have, and once we understand the mechanics of this or that bonus, we can take advantage of it while enjoying ourselves at the tables.

An excellent, all-round player-friendly feature at partypoker has been the introduction of so-called partydollars to their poker offering. Some of you may already be aware of partydollars - also referred to using the P$ symbol - if you’ve played at partypoker or noticed the subject pop up in articles at PokerListings. However, being aware of something is one thing, but knowing properly how to get the most out of it is quite another, so in this article we’ll explain how it works so that you can maximise your partypoker experience.

What Are Partydollars?

Designed as a virtual currency, partydollars can be used to buy into poker games at partypoker across a range of games. Although the concept is not new, this particular version has been around only for a year, having replaced Tournament Dollars (T$) in April 2022. Until the change, the old Tournament Dollars could be used only to buy into multi-table tournaments with the equivalent entry fee.

Everyone Enjoys Flexibility With Partydollars

The flexibility afforded players by partydollars has made life so much easier. First, it’s no longer online poker tournament fans who benefit.

As well as being able to use P$ to buy into - and now part buy into! - multi-table tournaments and major online events such as MILLIONS Online KO, players can also use them to enter satellites, Sit & Go games, jackpot SPINS, and even No-Limit Hold'em and Omaha cash games... including the fastforward format.

Key Features of Partydollars

Importantly, partydollars can be used both fully or in part to buy into ANY poker game in the partypoker Lobby! In fact, it’s such a useful way of doing things that, unless you change your settings, P$ will be automatically used when registering for a tournament or sitting down at a cash table...

Note that on finishing in the money in a tournament paid for in P$, you’ll be paid in the relevant currency. Similarly, with cash games (and fastforward), P$ are essentially used as cash, so P$ put into pots is returned as cash (uninvested P$ being returned as P$).

Getting Your Hands on Partydollars

This can be done in numerous ways. As well as partydollars satellites, many ongoing promotions at partypoker award P$. For example, Round the Clock Freerolls prizes are in P$ form, with $2,500 paid out every day!

Round the Clock Freerolls at partypoker.

Meanwhile, fastforward Leaderboards (P$1,000 daily), Daily SNG Leaderboards (P$10,500 every week) and Daily SPINS Leaderboards (P$12,000 daily) all pay out in partydollars.

Although partydollars expire, you have 12 months to use them and turn them into cash. Remember that you cannot withdraw, sell or transfer partydollars, so make the most of them!

At PokerListings we like to help players maximise their options, so we’ve made a selection of the latest online poker bonuses and offers in our special info section. 

Good luck at the tables, and have fun!

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