EPT Prez Stuchly: EPTLive “Growing Poker Awareness” in Mainstream

Daniel Negreanu and Edgar Stuchly
Edgar Stuchly with Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu.

The EPT is including the Eureka Poker Tour on EPTLive for the first time and tour president Edgar Stuchly says its another step in the right direction for a webcast that's already growing the game of poker all over the world.

In the past the EPTLive stream has included highlights from regional tours but this will be the first time it will devote an entire day of programming to a Eureka Poker Tour final table.

Stuchly says they'll let the results decide whether they include more regional action in future live streams.

“The Eureka Poker Tour final table will be the first time that EPTLive will be devoting a full day’s schedule to a regional tour final table, and based on viewer comments and supporting data we receive post event, we will be looking to extend our EPTLive webcast strategy in 2015 to include more regional final table action,” said Stuchly.

The test run will be broadcast from Vienna on March 23, following the action at the €1,100 Eureka Main Event final table from 13:00 CET. Cards will be visible to viewers, and the stream will feature expert commentary in English, German, Russian and French.

The Eureka Poker Tour is the premier poker tour in Central and Eastern Europe and since its first season it has welcomed over 15,500 players and paid out more than €7.9 million in prize pools.

EPTLive Designed to Attract New Players to Poker

The EPT and PokerStars has been working hard to create a system that inspires new players to give poker a try as well as giving them an affordable avenue to get in on the action.

“The EPTLive webcast is now an inherent part of every stop, and our aim is to show poker fans from around the globe that poker is about competition and fun and that anyone can play,” said Stuchly.

Joe Stapleton
Joe Stapleton has become the English voice of the EPT.

“Being able to view the live action on the webcast encourages new players to want to get involved by qualifying online not only to win big money, but also to be part of the excitement, have fun, meet friends and visit some of the most amazing cities in Europe.”

EPTLive has introduced new features like “Viewer's Choice” that allows fans to use social media to vote on which table they'd like to see covered on the webcast.

They've also made technical improvements to their player that allow viewers to pause and rewind the live stream, and even watch the entire broadcast after it's over with its EPTLive replay service.

“EPTLive is present not only across a wide range of poker and affiliate sites, but also major sporting platforms such as EuroSport,” said Stuchly.

"This definitely helps to build poker awareness amongst viewers who do not necessarily know poker that well, but are interested in the game and want to learn more.

“Our strong lineup of EPTLive and guest commentators and editorial content helps to make poker easy to understand and entertaining to watch.

“We localize the webcast into as many as 15 languages, and are seeing a remarkable growth in viewers from countries like China and Lithuania, where poker is just starting to see some serious growth.”


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