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EntroPay officially closed its business in 2019 after VISA cancelled their partnership.

Since then, it’s no longer available.

See below for alternative poker payment methods:

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Alternative Poker Payment Methods to Entropay

entropay is a pre-paid virtual Visa card (and now Mastercard, too) that lets poker players make deposits to and withdrawals from their online poker accounts in seconds. entropay is literally the fastest way to move money online (at least "speed" wise) and has the benefit of being accepted anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted. As it's a pre-paid card your deposits are instantly approved and you can start playing online poker immediately. It's equally easy for withdrawals, although expect slightly longer wait times for withdrawals to be approved by the poker site.

What is entropay?

entropay visa

entropay was actually the first "virtual" prepaid card launched in Europe. The idea was developed by a company called Ixaris that wanted to develop an online payment method independent of a user's credit rating or location. Mission accomplished. Since 2003 over 8.8 million entropay cards have been distributed and used and it's become an indispensable payment transfer means for anyone in the global gaming sector. It also happens to be the fastest way, technically, to move money online - ie transfers literally move 2880x faster than a bank transfer and 8660x faster than other apps.

Advantages of entropay for Poker Deposits

  • Registering for an entropay card and depositing on a poker site is FREE
  • Money is available immediately in your poker account
  • No credit checks or bank information required
  • Available in USD, GBP or EUR
  • Accepted anywhere VISA or Mastercard is accepted online
  • Withdraw funds to your entropay card and spend online anywhere VISA is accepted
  • Disposable cards you can delete after each use to keep your details private and secure at all times
  • Can have up to 10 entropay cards at one time and unlimited lifetime virtual cards

entropay Poker FAQs

How Do I Get an entropay Card?

Getting an entropay card is incredibly simple. Using their secure registration form you create a new username and password and fill out a few minimal personal details (your bank or credit information is never asked for). Once you've created your account and agreed to the terms and conditions you can go ahead and create up to 10 cards in any of the three currencies offered. Once you've funded your cards (you can load funds by credit card, debit card or local bank transfer) you'll be able to see your virtual card on-screen and access its specific card number and three-digit security code.

Note: entropay is an entirely virtual card! You will not be mailed an actual card; you'll only be able to see your card details on screen. You can then choose to delete the card entirely or keep to re-use later.

How Do I Make an entropay Poker Deposit?

Making an entropay poker deposit is super simple - and doesn't even require you to get an entropay card first! If you already have an entropay card, though, just:

  • Log in to your poker account
  • Click through to the deposit page
  • Pick the entropay logo and click the "I have an entropay account" link
  • On the entropay deposit page eenter the amount you want to deposit and your entropay VISA card info (card #, expiry date and 3-digit security code
  • Click 'Submit'

If don't have an entropay card you can still simply log in to your poker account (if you don't have one yet check our exclusive sign-up offers here). Then:

  • Click through to the 'Cashier' tab and select 'Deposit'
  • Find the entropay logo (see the picture above). 
  • Click the logo
  • When the EntroPay page pops-up click 'Register' and follow the registration process
  • When registration is complete you'll see your new entropay Visa onscreen
  • Copy the card number, expiry date and CVV2 code
  • Return to poker site cashier
  • Follow deposit procedure above

Volia! Your money should arrive in your poker account virtually instantaneously (and with the speeds entropay cards are processed we literally mean instantaneously).

How Do I Make an entropay Withdrawal?

Making an entropay withdrawal is an equally simple process although as mentioned it's not quite as fast. Also of important note: With most poker sites you'll only be able to make a withdrawal to an entropay card if you've made a deposit to your poker account via that entropay card in the previous 6-12 months. Check with each poker site specifically for their withdrawal terms. If you have made an entropay deposit within the specified time period then the process is virtually the same as making a deposit.

  1. Log in to your poker account
  2. Go to the 'Cashier'
  3. Pick "Cash Out or 'Withdrawal'
  4. Select entropay as your withdrawal option
  5. Select any registered entropay card that you on file and want to Withdraw to
  6. Enter the amount of withdrawal
  7. Click the submit button

You can request an entropay withdrawal on the same day as your deposit but note all poker site withdrawals need to be approved by an internal poker site review which can take up to 3 business days. Once we your withdrawal has been processed you will see the message 'Successful Withdrawal' and a unique transaction ID that you should keep for your records. A withdrawal confirmation email will also be sent. If the transaction is unsuccessful you'll see an error message explaining why.

You can then withdraw the funds from your entropay card to your bank account but that will cost you a small fee. It's better to store the amount on the card and then use is to make online purchases. You can also withdraw the cash through an ATM with your entropay card but that will also cost a small fee. If the entropay card you used to make your deposit is no longer valid you'll need to email the poker site and likely make a new entropay card, make a deposit and then request a withdrawal to that card.

Poker Sites with entropay

The following list of poker sites offer entropay deposits and withdrawals

entropay poker

As mentioned entropay has earned a massive foothold in the online gaming world as one of the safest, fastest and cheapest ways to transfer funds - especially in places where traditional VISA or Mastercard transactions might not go through. As its also a pre-paid card poker sites and processes very quickly poker sites are very accepting of entropay card deposits and get the money into your poker account instantly with no approval or credit checks required. Heavy hitters in the poker world like PokerStars888pokerpartypoker and Tiger Gaming all currently accept entropay card deposits and withdrawals.

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 Can I Deposit Via an entropay Mobile App?

There isn't an entropay mobiel app per se but it's still very easy to use via your phone for any kind of online purchase or poker site deposit. Just pull up your entropay account screen with your card details and enter into the deposit or withdrawal field as you would on your desktop computer or laptop.

Are There Any Fees for Using entropay?

Yes, but only for specific transactions like loading up your card with funds or withdrawing for cash. There's a 1.95% fee of the total amount when withdrawing funds from a third-party like an online poker site. To add funds to your account with a personal credit or debit card will cost you a 4.95% fee. Transferring funds between EntroPay cards will cost you only 20c. Moving money from your entropay card onto your debit or credit card will cost a flat $6.00 fee. If you need to change currencies the foreign exchange fee  is 2%. Compared to other poker deposit methods (or not being able to deposit funds at all), these fees are pretty modest. You can also top up an existing entropay card for just 1%.

How Safe are entropay Deposits?

Very. All entropay transactions use the standard SSL protocol and encryption and as cards are entirely deletable they will never be compromised if you choose to get rid of them. The number used is valid for that one transaction only and can never be stolen and used again. If you do keep an entropay card number active you should take the standard precautions to keep the information on the card safe. Your banking or credit information is only ever shared with entropay for the purposes of loading your cards - it's never shared with any online poker site.

Are there Deposit and Withdrawal Limits for entropay?

The minimum withdrawal amount for an entropay card is USD $10.00 (or equivalent) but the minimum for the poker site might be different. Check with each site for specifics. The maximum withdrawal amount is USD $10, 000.00 or equivalent. The minimum deposit for each poker site varies but it is typically between $10 and $25.

Can I Get an entropay Online Poker Bonus?

Yep, of course. An online poker bonus is not inherently tied to the deposit method you use. Just be sure to enter the proper poker bonus code when signing up and you'll be eligible for the full value of the bonus. Poker sites will sometimes offer an extra 10-15% "incentive" bonus for using one particular deposit method but those are relatively rare and likely won't include entropay cards.

Can I Use entropay to Play Online in the USA?

As entropay is directly connected to Visa and Mastercard so is currently only available in US states where poker is officially licensed and regulated.

Can I Use entropay for PokerStars Deposits and Withdrawals?

Custom PokerStars Table

Yes. PokerStars accepts entropay for both deposits and withdrawals and doesn't charge a fee for either. Note You will only be able to make an entropay card withdrawal from PokerStars if you have made a successful deposit to PokerStars with that same card within the past 12 months. All PokerStars withdrawals also go through a review process which takes up to 3 days.

Can I Use entropay for 888poker, party poker or Tiger Gaming?

Yes, same deal as PokerStars. entropay is a very popular deposit method for all the major poker sites.

What Else Should I Know About Using entropay?

You have an unlimited amount of virtual entropay cards in any of the 3 currencies but you can only have one Entropay account. Multiple accounts with the same email address are not supported.

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