Annie Duke fired on Celebrity Apprentice final

Annie Duke

Annie Duke was fired from her job on Celebrity Apprentice Sunday night, but at least her charity walked away a winner.

Joan Rivers and Annie Duke went to battle for the final time Sunday, tasked with organizing a VIP party and silent auction fundraiser for their respective charities.

The project leaders had to organize the event, procure donations for the auction and get celebrities to attend. They also had to help promote Kodak as the sponsor of the event.

As she's done all season, Duke clearly out-fundraised Rivers in the final task, raising $465,725 for her charity, Refugees International.

Rivers managed to pull in $150,830 for God's Love We Deliver.

In all, Duke told PokerListings she raised more than $730,000 for Refugees International during Celebrity Apprentice this season.

Bad Beat for Annie Duke on Celebrity Apprentice

Looking back, Duke said she is going to take two things away from her experience on the show.

Annie Duke

One is the friendships she formed and the reminder of how solid her friends in the poker world are.

"The second is the tremendous amount of awareness and money raised for my charity," Duke said.

But fundraising wasn't the only criteria for winning the final challenge and becoming the latest Celebrity Apprentice. The final task was judged on five criteria, of which Duke won just two.

With Rivers able to claim a win on the final task, the only thing left was for the two women to have their chance in the boardroom to defend themselves and give reasons why they would be the better apprentice.

It appeared Rivers was more convincing.

Duke was confident she had done the better job throughout the season. She'd raised the most money and won both of the tasks where she was project manager before losing in the final.

She said she wasn't surprised when Rivers was hired and she was fired, but there were quite a few stunned TV viewers who were, claiming Trump showed favoritism or that he simply chose the person with the biggest celebrity profile.

Celebrity Apprentice may have been a bad beat for Duke, but she's already well on her way to bouncing back.

She was in Boston Monday hosting a Children's Hospital of Boston fundraiser. Next she'll be jetting back home to California for a little break before the start of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas at the end of the month.

During the WSOP, Duke also plans to continue her charitable work with the Third Annual Ante Up for Africa Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament July 2.

"Refugees International is a small charity, and the awareness for the charity from me being on Celebrity Apprentice is huge," Duke said.

"I hope it will also help my efforts with Ante Up for Africa, which Refugees International has partnered with."

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Cory 2009-07-20 02:38:00

Annie Duke is a clever operator and powerful strategist. Her downfall was that she would say one thing in the boardroom, but do a complete about face behind people's backs. I always had the sense that she knew when the camera was on. She played her audience as well as her team mates. Touche.

Annie was however unable to win Joan over because they are simply, opposites and Joan could not see any sincerity in Annie's approach.

Joan Rivers on the other hand is brash, loud and abusive and has made a very successful living out of these personality traits that rub many people up the wrong way.

Nevertheless she is true to herself and despite her viscious assaults, which I believe were emotional outbursts and not meanign to cause harm, you at least know where you stand with Joan. She is a woman of conviction and lets face it, she got the better of Annie in the end - Annie's halo of professionalism slipped on more than one occassion.

I think the right person got the job - it shows there is more to this show than simply showing the money or out maneuvering your opponent. It is about holding charity at heart.

ocean breeze 2009-05-17 01:47:00

"It's nothing personal, its just business"
Donald Trump has made his decision

Gil 2009-05-16 21:39:00

I have always like Annie Duke in the RV poker games. However, her behavior and language on Celebrity Apprentice. It's hard for me to imagine that she has four children watching on TV when she talks about giving a good bjob at the end of the day. Classy. Fbombs dropping all over. Joan isn't the classiest gal going, but I was happy to see her win.

Emmie 2009-05-16 20:47:00

Apprentice is not worth watching if the Real Winner doesn't win.

Marie 2009-05-16 20:44:00

Ok, let me get this right.

Nepotism is a preferred hiring method.

If your relative walks out of her job, follow her out, you will be rewarded.

Throwing words out to others like "Hitler" and "Nazi" while in the board room is smiled upon.

If you make money for our company, we will accuse you of getting it from mobsters.

Get enough plastic surgery to be coupled with the newest Burger King man and we will declare you our winnter.

Diane 2009-05-16 20:38:00

I was wondering why Trump made the last tasks to be so subjective.

After he fired Annie, I realized why.

There would be no good reason to fire her otherwise.

Survivor 2009-05-15 02:38:00

2007 Rivers and Blaine Trump:

Celeb.Appr. Fixed?

mmmm...tougue tied?

Survivor 2009-05-14 16:14:00

ANNIE you are the winner here. You can get along with ANYBODY. And, that is what is needed in corporate america to get things DONE. You did and said the right thing just about all the time.

Thank you for displaying the workplace reality we all deal with and have to act like at work in the positive way you did. You are the professional here and not Joan/Trump. I have see unprofessional work politics, and yes, Joan would be fired on the spot, however, when the boss is unprofessional and is part of the "gangster mentality" the highly-skilled, politically correct, desireable workforce gets fired for doing what they have been trained to do. I know because I was one of them. Watching Annie Duke was like watching myself. How hard she has worked to get to the top only to be trumped by a gang of bullies. It hits hard at the soul.

Another verification of the gangster mentality that this country has stooped down to being on the level of the rest of the world. Shame on you Trump for displaying this type of business role model to our next CEO's of the country. Is this how you want the USA companies operating in the future? You, with your show and all your money, have a HUGE responsibility to be a role model and you fail on that with dis-honors.

How Ironic that Joan accused Annie of being Mafia when she and her and Trump are mafia-ing together to trump the whole game with his family and hers.

Please, CEO's of America, see the lessons learned from this show and make sure your companies continue on with integrity and not the gangster/bully-ing mentality that Trump portrays.

The show should be called survivor and not apprentice. It is surviving the politics of the companies in this country through gangster - survivor-like mentality, ignoring the great skills that intelligent people possess to be successful in this world like Annie Duke and Jesse James.

Annie, you did an awesome job of keeping your cool and listening (something Joan doesn't know how to do) when no one would listen to you in that boardroom.

It was clear that David quit because of Joan, duh people.

Sandra Bullock didn't marry Jesse because he was an idiot. Thank you for a great role model for the guys Jesse!

Thank you for a fabulous role model for our girls Annie! We needed a tough, yet poise and professional role model on Trump's show! It may have been the last opportunity to see that, since who knows who other gang members of Trump's klan will show up on the next season for the pre-planned kindergarten supposedly professional business drama.

Joan, I never liked you in the past, and now you disgust me. I just feel sorry for your daughter since she is a product of your rude upbringing. Hopefully she can come into her own when you stop with the finger already.

God I hope they read these. I will have to check back to see their comments if any.

- Fired and learning that gangster mentality is more valuable than business skills to keep a job in this country (now world) since USA adopted worldly business ethics.

Anna 2009-05-14 10:10:00

Annie should win because she was better.

Joan Rivers is a crazy old bitch with no respect for others.

truth squad 2009-05-14 05:32:00

How is it that no one mentions that Donald Trump's Sister in law, or ex sister in law Blaine TRUMP is on the Board of Directors for God's Love We Deliver A 10 million plus a year charity located in New York City, with pictures of her and Joan rivers with their arms over each others shoulders, together on the 2007 and 2008 company pamplets.
Annie won hands down!!!

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