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(Watch) Drunk People Explain 5 Easy Poker Games Anyone Can Understand

We've all been there. You and your friends are having a home poker game and people have had a few beers.

A couple of your buddies are a little inexperienced and they can't seem to keep up.

They're having a hard time remembering when it's their turn, or to burn a card before dealing, or how much the big blind is, or what the chip denominations are, or not to string bet, or ... well, you get the picture.

Sure, you could get mad and yell at them to pay attention. We've all gone down that road. A better solution is to just watch this video and learn five super-simple poker games that even your drunk friends can understand.

Poker Games Simple Enough for Drunk People

How do we know they're simple enough for drunk people? We got four actual drunk people to explain them on camera.

In seven minutes you'll learn Blind Texas Hold'em, Blind Omaha, Estonian Twist, Crazy Dutchie and Slovak Double Barrel.

A big bonus with these games is that if some of your friends don't play poker, they won't feel excluded or intimidated about having to play real Texas Hold'em.

Note: These games are easy enough for your stoned friends to understand too.

Watch Full Video Below

Check out the full video below and if you break these out in your next home game, tell us about it in the comments at the bottom of the page!

Pro Tip #1 – Turn Over Cards One at a Time

Since there's no betting or bluffing in these games, most of the fun comes from the sweat.

Layne Flack
No longer will your drunk friends ruin your poker game.

To maximize your sweat every hand we recommend everyone turn over one card at a time throughout the hand so everyone can watch.

If you're playing blind Omaha, for example, everyone can turn over one card before the flop, one on the flop, one on the turn and the last card after the river.

That way no one knows who's got the best hand until the end and everyone can sweat each card that's turned over.

Pro Tip #2 - Discard After the Flop in Estonian Twist, Crazy Dutchie

To ramp up the action in games #3 and #4, just hold onto three cards until after you see the flop, and then choose your discard.

Waiting until after the flop to discard will result in more big hands and more exciting sweats to see who's going to win.

Alternately, skip the discard completely and play the hand with three cards all the way to showdown for even more big hands.

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