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While we all love an exciting match with a nail-biting finish, preferably one that ends in a last-minute goal for our favourite, reality isn’t always so accommodating. Not every game is exciting and filled with goals and points. Some are very boring stalemates that inevitably end in a goal-less draw. But how can you take advantage of the possibility of a draw result? How does one go about planning a draw strategy and is it even worth looking at?

You may be surprised to learn that pro sports bettors, as well as those that have been betting on sports such as soccer, basketball and other sports where a tie result is possible, use a draw strategy with a measure of success. Our quick guide to using the draw strategy will help you to determine if this useful betting option will work for you.

Draw Strategy Quick-Facts

  • There are numerous draw bet options available.
  • Betting on the draw option can come with very good odds.
  • Many sports feature the possibility of a draw.
  • Draw betting options are also available in live betting format.
  • Use draw strategy on many events on your desktop or mobile betting platform.

Draw Strategy Breakdown

Have you ever wondered what the ‘X’ is for in a 1 X 2 bet? You’ll especially notice this betting option in sports like soccer, where the 1 X 2 bet, also known as a 3-way bet, is very popular. Essentially, what the ‘X’ stands for is the draw or tieresult betting option.

Players shaking hands at rugby

In other words, if you think that Team A (1) will not beat Team B (2), but that the game will end in either no goals scored or equal goals scored, selecting the X will allow you to take that bet.

However, in order to be able to use the draw strategy effectively, you will need to be prepared to do a lot of homework. Selecting the draw bet as an option is not some that you should do lightly or randomly. Even if you have decided to play the Double Chance betting option, where selecting a team plus the draw result is an option, you still need to know as much as you can about both teams.

Draw No Bet – The Ultimate Cover?

There are two draw bet options that are available to you as a sports bettor. The Double Chance we’ve already touched upon in the previous section. The second, is the Draw No Bet, which is actually more of a betting strategyand not so much a betting type per se.

You’ll find the draw no bet strategy used by soccer bettors especially, although you will find it in any sport where a 3-way bet, or any bet where a tie (draw) is an option.

The main idea behind the draw no bet strategy is to place a bet on either the favourite or the underdog to win, and then place a second bet on the draw option. In this way you ‘insure’ your first bet by placing the same stake on the draw as you did on the to win bet. If the game ended in a draw, you would recover your losses immediately. This type of ‘insurance’ bet is also known as a Cover bet.

Block at basketball

Using the draw no bet strategy is ideal if you know that one of the teams that are playing in the match, are known to switch to a defensive position after scoring a goal. Quite often what happens is that the other team will invariably score an equaliser goal. Since you bet on the team that initially scored the goal to win, you are now faced with the very likely possibility of a draw result by full time.

It’s worth noting that many betting providers online, now offer a draw no bet as a cashback to the value of your stake. While this does provide a certain level of convenience, bear in mind that, in most instances, the bookmakers will have included a 5% overround in the odds that they have posted for the game.

Draw Strategy in Action

If you’re looking to implement the draw no bet strategy into your next 3-way match, the following should help you to get started with it.

  • Let’s say that you decide to bet €50 on the next 1 X 2 soccer match.
  • The betting provider has set the odds for a win at 2.6, while the odds for the draw result are set at 3.6.
  • To know what you need to put on the favourite to win, as well as the possible draw, you need to first work out the stake for each option.

To start, all you need to do is divide the amount that you intend betting (€50) by the odds posted for the draw result.

€50/3.6 = €13.89

So, you’ll need to put €13.89 on your draw bet.

This will also leave you with €36.11 (€50-€13.89) which you can then put on the team to win bet.

  • In the event of a draw result, you’ll see a return of €36.11 (€13.89x3.6-1), although you will also lose €36.11 for the no win result. In other words, you would have broken even.
  • In the event that your team wins, you’ll see a return of €57.78 (€36.11x2.6-1), although you will lose your €13.89 on the no draw result. This then gives you a profit of €43.89.

In the event that the team that you didn’t bet on wins, you lose your full €50, since you would have lost your team to win bet, as well as your cover bet (on the draw).

Draw Strategy FAQ

  • What sports can I use the draw strategy in?

    The most popular sport that features the draw strategy is soccer. However, you can use the draw strategy in any sport where a draw result is a possibility. This includes rugby, basketball, American football, hockey handball and many others.
  • Can I use the draw strategy with live betting?

    Yes, you can. Since the draw result is a possibility right up until the final whistle, the draw strategy can be used to cover your bet.
  • Can I use draw strategy with mobile betting too?

    Yes, you can. Draw strategy can be used with virtually any 3-way bet, which means that you can certainly apply your draw strategy to mobile betting.

Final Thoughts on Betting Strategies

Not only does the draw strategy allow you to make the most out of an otherwise uneventful draw result, it also allows you to ‘cover’ your team to win bet. The draw strategy acts as a kind of insurance, allowing you to take full advantage of great 3-way betting odds at your betting provider.