Do You Have What It Takes to Reach the Top in the Summit Series at Juicy Stakes Poker?

Do You Have What It Takes to Reach the Top in the Summit Series at Juicy Stakes Poker?

“A rolling stone gathers no moss” is an old saying that applies not only to life in general, but in the real money online poker world, too. The trick for online poker providers is to keep busy, continually monitoring, updating and adding to their offering in order to successfully care out their share of the global poker pot.

Stand still and they’ll be overtaken, such is the nature of the poker eco-system. Some poker rooms are more noticeably ‘busy’ than others, and Juicy Stakes Poker is a good example. Tune in periodically to this upwardly mobile online poker room and casino, and there’s a good chance you’ll notice something new each time.

Most newcomers, given both their limited experience and time, tend to start their poker journey with the traditional Texas Hold'em cash game, partly because you can literally leave the game at any point. They might at some point progress to the four-hole-card rollercoaster that is Omaha cash, but, most often, next in the development process tends to be Sit & Go games and, inevitably nowadays, online poker tournaments for the ‘bigger’ experience.

Some new(ish) players - having access to various multi-media resources that stream or in some other way feature easy-to-follow action from multi-table tournaments - might jump straight into tournaments. In other words, poker rooms can’t go wrong of they provide a healthy and varied schedule of tournaments for players of all kinds to enjoy – and perhaps win tasty cash prizes.    

At Juicy Stakes Poker you’ll find a recent addition to their tournament selection in the form of the Summit Series which, in case you can play only on certain days (or, conversely, every day) runs continuously from Monday to Sunday! Even the best players aren’t guaranteed to cash every time, so the idea of offering a whole series to take part in week after week is player-friendly. In this particular collection of $22 buy-inRebuy/Add-on daily tournaments, the set-up is nicely balanced and will no doubt prove a popular fixture.    

Summit Series

  • Monday to Sunday
  • Format: No Limit Texas Hold'em
  • Start time: 5:05pm EST
  • Buy-in: $20+$2
  • Blinds: 8 minutes
  • Starting stack: 3,000 chips
  • Late registration period: 90 minutes
Summit Series.

Incidentally, the name of this series deserves a special mention. Poker tournaments do indeed have a lot in common with mountaineering – there's mixed terrain that requires successful navigation through varied and challenging conditions and avoiding hazards along the route to the summit...

Meanwhile, we have a feast of online poker bonuses and offers waiting for you on our special info section. Good luck at the tables, and have fun!

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