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While not as ubiquitous as Visa or Mastercard, poker players with Discover cards can still find some poker sites that will accept Discover poker deposits in some form.

In the US, for example, players in a legal online poker state like New Jersey, Delaware or Nevada can use Play+, a pre-paid Discover card, to load up their online poker account on PokerStars.

888poker NJ players can also make instant deposits with a Discover Card: Net+ prepaid card which is linked to your NETELLER e-Wallet.

As a US-based credit card it can't be used straight-up for gambling transactions (at least on any of the fully legalized, regulated online poker sties) but you will be able to fund third-party payment processors like Skrill and PayPal with your Discover card if you like.

The basics of all credit card gambling transactions still apply - you have to confirm your age and ID before you can use a pre-paid Discover card - but otherwise it's a breeze to get your deposit through to your poker account.

Advantages of Discover Card Poker Deposits

  • Quick and secure transactions with Discover Card's top-rate security and fraud protection
  • No fees for Discover poker deposits
  • Proper ID and age verification required which pre-clears your poker deposits
  • Can also deposit via poker site mobile app
  • Your bank details are never shared with the online poker site
  • Occasional bonuses offered for Discover deposits
  • Currency exchanges are automatically calculated

Discover Poker FAQs

 How Do I Get a Discover Play + Card?

If you reside in or visit New Jersey you can get a PokerStars Play+ Card through Login (or create) a PokerStars NJ account and navigate to the cashier page.

Click on "Make a Deposit" and choose the PokerStars Play+ card option from the menu which will begin the enrolment process. If you qualify our PokerStars Play+ account will be registered and you'll be e-mailed all the required details. Once you've funded your PokerStars Play+ account your pre-paid Discover® card will be mailed to you.

 How Long Does It Take to Get a Pre-Paid Discover Card?

If you've followed the steps properly, meet the eligibility requirements and agree to the terms and conditions your pre-paid Discover Play+ card will be mailed to your home address listed on your application form within 7-10 days.


 How Do I Make a Discover Poker Deposit?

Once you have your Play+ Discover card the process is very simple. As the Discover card is already pre-paid you don't need to go through any further verification or credit approval.

Once you know how much you want to deposit in your poker account you simply:

  • Log in to your PokerStars account
  • Navigate to Cashier
  • Select "Make a Deposit"
  • Pick PokerStars Play+ Card
  • Click Deposit
  • Select “No load, use my available balance”
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer (subject to PokerStars deposit limits, of course, and the amount you pre-loaded your Discover card with)
  • Click "Make a Deposit"

 Can I Make a Discover Poker Withdrawal?

Yes! Again, as it's not a credit card, you're free to withdraw your poker funds back to your card and use for other purchases where Discover card is accepted or return the funds to your bank account. Here's how you do it:

  • Log in to your PokerStars account
  • Navigate to the Cashier page again
  • Select "Cash Out"
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw 
  • Click "Next"
  • Select PokerStars Play+ Card
  • Click "Request"

As always with any poker site withdrawals are subject to review by the poker site and confirmation you have played according to the terms and conditions of the site. Reviews typically take 2-5 business days before withdrawals are processed but you'll have your funds back loaded onto your pre-paid Discover card usually within that time period. 

If there is any concern over the speed or accuracy of your withdrawal you can contact customer support and they will quickly assist you in getting your funds.

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 Is There a Maximum Discover Poker Withdrawal?

Yes. The maximum balance you can have on your PokerStars Play+ Card is $25,000 so you may only withdraw an amount up to that limit. Most poker sites also have a review system as mentioned above so withdrawals - especially big withdrawals - will take a short time to be processed.

 Which Poker Sites Accept Discover? 

As mentioned above the only poker sites that will accept Discover pre-paid cards at this point are poker sites that are licensed and regulated in the US states of New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. Thankfully that includes some of the best names and brands in the poker industry including PokerStars, 888poker and partypoker.

There are "offshore" poker sites that currently operate in the United States but it is not recommended poker players use these as there are no controls and no regulation on either your deposits or play. No regulatory board is overseeing any of the site's operations so you are literally at risk of unfair play and possible loss of your balance without any recourse.

If you do choose to play on these unlicensed sites you play at your own risk. Sticking with a licensed, regulated poker site is ALWAYS the best option for online play if it's available to you.

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 Can I Use Discover for Mobile Deposits to My Online Poker Account? 

Yes. The Play+ card on PokerStars and Discover Card: Net+ prepaid card on 888poker both can be used for depositing via the mobile app. If you use your Discover card to load up a third-party processor like Skrill or Neteller you can also use it to deposit via mobile. Just click through to the deposit link in the mobile app and it'll guide you through it quickly and easily.

 Are There Any Downsides to Using Discover?

It's not the most universally accepted credit card in online poker circles but if you go the pre-paid route it is very safe and efficient. Because the pre-paid Discover card is not a credit card you're not subjected to either the limits of a usual credit card or interest fees. There is a small fee to use the Play+ card but it is minimal and well in line with all of the other third-party processors.

You can also use your pre-paid Pay+ card to make transactions at any online retailer that accepts Discover card, which is a nice ancillary benefit.

 Is My Discover Poker Deposit Secure?

Very. As with any online transaction you need to protect your card details from outside eyes but otherwise depositing and withdrawing from your Play + card is very safe and secure.

 Are There Deposit and Withdrawal Limits with Discover?


Deposit minimums for PokerStars and 888poker are quite low so you can typically deposit as little as $25. 

The maximum daily deposit and withdrawal limits also vary depending on the individual poker site but as mentioned above the Play+ card has a maximum balance of $25,000 so you won't be able to make any withdrawal that would make your balance exceed that.

If you're a high-volume or high-stakes player you will likely need to find a payment method that has higher daily and monthly limits but for low-stakes players there should never be a problem.

 Can I Get a Discover Online Poker Bonus?

An online poker bonus isn't tied to one deposit method. As long as you use the proper bonus code and play enough to meet any deposit bonus requirements, you'll be eligible for your bonus. 

 Can I Use Discover for a US Poker Deposit?

Yes, As mentioned if you're with the borders of a US state with legal online poker (New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware) you can create an account and fund it using a pre-paid Discover card available specifically at your chosen poker site.

You will need to go through an approval and verification process when you first register for the card but once it is up and running it is a seamless and easy process.

You can also fund your card through a variety of methods including other credit cards like Visa and Mastercard and standard bank debit cards.

See other poker payment methods like third-party eWallets like Neteller and Skrill.

 Can I Use Discover on PokerStars?

Yes, just as we explained above. It's not a standard Discover credit card you can use, though. You'll need to sign up for a specific Play+ card. Just follow the process through the cashier page on PokerStars. Once your pre-paid card is mailed to you you can use the digits and passcode given to make continued deposits and withdrawals.

 Can I Use Discover on 888poker or partypoker?

Yep; same deal as for PokerStars.

 How Many People Use Discover as a Payment Method?

Not a ton but is is still a very safe and secure means of depositing in the US if you choose to go that route. Fees are also low and you don't have to expose your bank or credit card details at any point.

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