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David “Devilfish” Ulliott Loses Battle with Cancer

English poker legend David “Devilfish” Ulliott succumbed to cancer earlier today according to numerous reports.

One of the most famous poker players from the U.K., Ulliott was famous for his suave demeanour, his orange sunglasses and gold knuckledusters that he wore at the tables.

Ulliott was involved with safe-cracking in the early stages of his life before he finally found poker and went on to win over $6.2 million in live tournaments including WPT and WSOP victories.

Ulliott was 61 at the time of his death.

Devilfish: A Great Character Bigger Than Poker

David Ulliott

Dave Ulliott

Ulliott passed away just a few weeks after news of his terminal diagnosis broke.

Last week Ulliott'€™s local newspaper The Hull Daily Mail published a about his struggle with cancer. In the article Ulliott vowed to fight till the end.

Ulliott also mentioned he was shocked by the outpouring of support he received from friends, family and fans.

"It is hard to believe that a good looking, smooth talking guy like me can get this response from dying," he told Daily Mail.

Ulliott lived in Swanland with his wife Anpaktita. He had eight children - sons Paul, Steven, Chris, David, Mike and Matthew and daughters Kerry and Lucy.

It was apparently his family that initially broke the news about his death via Twitter earlier today:

Unfortunately Dad, Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliott lost his battle with cancer today and died peacefully surrounded by his loved ones. xxxDavid Ulliott (@devilfish2011) April 6, 2015

Since then Twitter has been buzzing with numerous poker players paying their condolences to Ulliott. Here’s a collection of some of the early reactions:

We've lost a good friend. Dave Ulliot. A lovely, funny, exceptionally clever man. Bigger than the game, and poker's greatest ever character.— Barny Boatman (@barnyboatman) April 6, 2015

“@rocher6475: Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliott lost his battle with cancer today" @MikeSexton_WPT sadly true this time” Sad is right. #pokerlegend— Mike Sexton (@MikeSexton_WPT) April 6, 2015

My very first job in poker was ghostwriting @devilfish2011's blog. Receiving news of his passing is, as he would put it, "Shit."— Dana Immanuel (@danaimmanuel) April 6, 2015

RIP Devilfish. Talk about an entertaining poker player.— Shannon Shorr (@ShannonShorr) April 6, 2015

Goodbye Devilfish, you never failed to make laugh. No doubt those up there will enjoy your smoking shoe joke. pic.twitter.com/WXwnUXSOLr— Kirsty Thompson (@Kit78) April 6, 2015

“@devilfish2011: Thank you for all your support xxxx @devilfish2011”Truly a sad sad day. Gone but never forgotten. One in a million x— michael greco (@MichaelGreco2) April 6, 2015

John E
2015-04-07 11:18:48

Sad day!! RIP Dave

2015-04-06 14:08:49

So sad to hear. Truly one of poker’s greatest ever characters. RIP.

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