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Daily 3-Bet: Reid Flips, Sony Poker Leaks, Jacob Jeopardy! Crush

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a no-holds barred rage-in-the-cage style battle of mid-afternoon poker news where only the very best three poker stories will emerge unscathed.

You can always fire suggestions for future 3-Bet pieces in the comments section below.

In today'€™s Daily 3-Bet we take a look at Sen. Harry Reid changing his mind about online poker, Sony Pictures poker leaks and Alex Jacob'€™s fanbase on Jeopardy!

1) Sen. Harry Reid Turns Tail

Harry Reid

Remember Sen. Harry Reid, the fervent supporter of legal online poker in the US?

Turns out Reid has taken a heel turn on poker fans as he's now in favor of Sheldon Adelson's Restoration of America's Wire Act (RAWA), which would ban online poker outright.

Reid talked about his change of heart in a new interview.

"€œI believe online gambling is not good for our country,"€ Reid told host Joe Schoenmann earlier this week.

Reid explained his position further by saying that he originally thought online poker, and only online poker not outright online gambling, would be good for the country.

He's since changed his mind and now believes all forms of online gambling are bad for the US. Reid also said he would support Sen. Lindsey Graham's efforts to pass RAWA.

2) Sony Pictures WikiLeaks Poker Emails

Matt Damon

Matt Damon = good dude.

H/T to poker super agent Brian Balsbaugh for pointing this out on Twitter but you can actually search the leaked 30k Sony emails on WikiLeaks for the term '€œpoker'€ to get a feel for how Hollywood feels about poker.

After scrolling through a few pages we noticed a few things:

  • Brian Cranston, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon love hosting charity poker tournaments.
  • Adapting Molly’s Game to film sounded pretty contentious with Aaron Sorkin apparently wanting more than $4m for the screenplay.
  • It sounded like Sony chief Amy Pascal did not care for Molly Bloom.

You can check out the entire thing here or even search other poker terms like Hold€™em€ or Tobey Maguire€ to find other tidbits.

3) Jeopardy! Audiences Entranced By Alex Jacob

What'€™s left to say about Alex Jacob'€™s extraordinary run on Jeopardy!? He recorded his 5th(!) consecutive win last night and upped his total haul on the show to $127k.

You can see the last episode here. Jacob's performance on the show has hit a chord with the Jeopardy! audience and Twitter has been buzzing about the super chill/extremely nervous/spaced out former poker pro:

How can I absorb Alex Jacob's life force? Cause I need dat brain and dat hair. @whoisalexjacob #Jeopardy Emily Graham (@Doctor__Fart) April 17, 2015

I would NOT be surprised if this week's Jeopardy champ, Alex, was a serial killer. Cory Sklar (@AskChaki) April 17, 2015

This guy Alex Jacob is trying to ruin Jeopardy for me. 5X champ who milks clock. Buy a shirt that fits, you jackass pic.twitter.com/iq1T4EnB7U Braden (@coltmonday) April 17, 2015

Home alone all week. Living vicariously through @whoisalexjacob - you remind me of me except I have a crush on you so I'm a very narcissistic girl (@holdfoldwalkrun) April 17, 2015

@thakilla @whoisalexjacob tyty pat #iliveforthepity btw props alex for bringin the heat to twitter like he brought the heat to live mtts€” Leo Wolpert (@LeoWolpert) April 17, 2015

@whoisalexjacob drink for every daily double found, "bet it all", $100 bets, category sweep, and nightly win. #drunk€” Alicia Cassarino (@aliciacassarino) April 17, 2015

This is perfect https://t.co/MQGNcoQWCk€” Alex Jacob (@whoisalexjacob) April 17, 2015

@whoisalexjacob you're the most knowledgeable Neanderthal I've ever seen. Caley Burgess (@caleeeythegreat) April 17, 2015

@whoisalexjacob You have the most groupies in Jeopardy history. ... (@EmpireMaker2) April 17, 2015

Like I'm just in love with Alex Jacob on Jeopardy, you rock my world with your socially awkward responses. Meryn Frey (@merynating) April 16, 2015

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