Daily 3-Bet: Moorman Stockpile, Ville Gamble, Where’s Ivey?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a big Super Bowl bet, a commandeered jet and a left turn straight to an endless afternoon poker news summer.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find online poker's $10m man Chris Moorman doing what he does best, Ville Wahlbeck putting $100k on the line in a three-point shooting prop bet and Phil Ivey changing his plans after a big Super Bowl bet payoff (maybe).

1) Moorman Wins Triple Crown (Again)

As a quick refresher: The Pocket Fives Triple Crown is an award given to poker players who win three separate tournaments of a certain buy-in/field size on three different poker sites over a seven-day period.

British online poker kingpin Chris Moorman, he of over $10m in career online earnings, now has 20 of them.

Moorman added to his tally over the weekend when he won five more tournaments (three that met Triple Crown reqs) including the $200k partypoker guaranteed.

Just finished my 18 hour grind today with a win in the Party Major to complete my 20th triple Crown #winning— Chris Moorman (@Moorman1) February 3, 2014

That, kids, is how you grind. The next closest "competitior" to Moorman has 11 Triple Crowns. Congrats, again, to Moorman!

2) Ville Hits 46 of 100 Threes; Doesn't Play Basketball

Ville Wahlbeck
Ville loves the gamble.

Like most in the poker world we love a good prop bet story and Finnish high-stakes reg Ville Wahlbeck is, typically, a good source of them.

Always up for a challenge Wahlbeck told PokerStrategy's Barry Carter in a recent interview that he took on a new prop bet based on how many three-pointers he could hit.

He'd earn $2k for every make but pay $1k for every miss over 100 shots, making it a potentially very costly bet - particularly because Wahlbeck has never really played basketball before.

He's shot around before and likes a challenge, though so despite doubting himself at first and trying to buy out he still took the bet on.

End result?

He made 46 of 100, which he says was at the "very top of his expected range" but puts him up $38k (x2 bettors) by our calculations.

Well played, Ville. 

3) Ivey Reroutes to South Africa after Super Bowl?

So, where in there world is Phil Ivey right now?

Inquiring fans, as always, are desperate to know and got a quick teaser on Sunday after the Super Bowl when Ivey posted a picture of him and friends celebrating the Seahawks win and leaving on a plane for Australia.

Caption: "Guess it's going to be a happy flight to Australia"

Ivey on a 3-Hour tour?

We can only imagine the money he had down on his bet but if it's in the usual range Ivey definitely has seven-figures more than he had yesterday.

Only small mystery now, however, is the post was taken down shortly after and Ivey was "confirmed" to be playing the WPT Alpha8 event in South Africa next week.

Given how much Ivey loves the Aussie Millions we still expect him there for the $250k event but that's a massive amount of travel in a week.

Wherever he is, we guess, he's happy. And flush. Check Ivey's instagram for possible clues to come, we imagine.

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