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Daily 3-Bet: Maximum Panyak, Tony G Markdown, DNegs Display

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a wall-mounted case, a perfectly angled spotlight and finally the attention your afternoon poker news participation ribbons deserve.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a pre-flop limp party in Sochi, great value on a Tony G flyer and a pre-WSOP vision quest for Daniel Negreanu.

1) Kroko-dill + SolidPenis, Too!

Having jetted around the world plenty covering poker tournaments over the past decade there aren't too many poker hotspots we've yet to see.


All the Panyak you can handle.

One of those we haven't, though? Sochi, Russia - the current host of the ongoing PokerStars Championship Sochi.

As we mentioned yesterday the Main Event is now underway with Day 1b in progress as we speak. Five days of live streaming action begins tomorrow on Day 2 but in the meantime we've been delightfully entertained by the PokerStars bloggers.

Despite the lexicographical challenges a tournament in Russia presents they've done a bang-up job of bringing the color of a poker event in the former USSR to life.

Not only do we now know what a "Russian Meat" platter contains, we know the action has been big on multi-way pre-flop limping, K-high best hands and head-scratching hand denouements. In short: it sounds amazing - both to play and observe.

Among the notables in the field today are Russian ace Andrey "kroko-dill" Zaichenko, 250k Spin & Go winner Danila 'SolidPenis' Solovyev, foreign luminaries such as Bertrand 'ElkY' GrospellierJason Wheeler and Aditya Agarwal and PSC Monaco final tablist Maxim Panyak.

Follow along with the live updates heretune in here tomorrow starting at 12 local time for the full live stream treatment.

2) Buy Low on Tony G. for Super High Roller Bowl

As we also mentioned yesterday, the 2017 Aria Super High Roller Bowl is set to fire on Sunday with a mouth-watering three days of high-stakes poker action.

tony g

On your bike with that markdown, yeah?

Day 1 is actually free to live stream via Poker Central's Twitch Channel but Days 2 and 3 are only on the new PokerGO app that will cost you $10/m. It's still a phenomenal deal.

If you'd like a taste of the action yourself you can also head over to PokerShares to buy a stake in any one of the 56 participants.

Below is a quick look at the participants' career Hendon Mob results and their respective mark-ups on PokerShares. 

Given that he just won a $25k tune-up tournament at the Aria the other day old schooler Tony G. might be good value at an actual markdown of 0.9.

Kevin Hart? Prob. still not a good choice even at 0.6. You never know, though, right?

Fedor HolzDE$22,161,7321.43
Christoph VogelsangDE$7,369,3731.39
Dan ColmanUS$28,205,1691.39
Scott SeiverUS$22,447,5651.37
Dan SmithUS$16,205,4561.34
Connor DrinanUS$10,592,1211.33
David PetersUS$16,204,3511.31
Ben SulskyUS$1,732,6831.27
Isaac HaxtonUS$13,091,6141.27
Nick PetrangeloUS$8,621,5431.27
Tom MarcheseUS$16,086,3931.27
Ben TollereneUS$2,673,4951.26
Igor KurganovDE$12,226,6781.26
Justin BonomoUS$15,321,5371.26
Jason KoonUS$8,764,4561.25
Jason MercierUS$18,345,7731.25
Steffen SontheimerDE$983,1381.25
Bryn KenneyUS$17,161,7011.24
Erik SeidelUS$32,145,3131.24
Doug PolkUS$5,154,7681.23
Andrew LichtenbergerUS$8,544,7031.22
Dominik NitscheDE$6,606,5701.22
Byron KavermanUS$9,572,2761.21
Pratyush BuddigaUS$5,325,8511.21
Rainer KempeDE$9,482,1481.21
John JuandaIDN$20,153,3731.2
Koray AldemirDE$4,936,3781.2
Andrew RoblUS$4,866,2311.19
Brian RastUS$20,398,2911.19
Christian ChristnerDE$620,8881.19
Daniel NegreanuCA$33,153,6041.19
Jake SchindlerUS$9,252,0361.19
Sean WinterUS$5,029,2731.19
Stefan SchillhabelDE$2,464,4811.19
Ankush MandaviaUS$4,073,5851.16
Jason LesUS$1,527,1831.16
Matt BerkeyUS$3,071,0841.12
Sam SoverelUS$4,040,8141.12
Antonio EsfandiariUS$27,353,4501.02
Talal ShakerchiUK$3,273,8071.02
Cary KatzUS$10,900,1560.99
Phil HellmuthUS$21,014,7370.99
Haralabos VoulgarisCA$1,882,5140.98
Bill PerkinsUS$2,603,4910.9
Dan ShakUS$8,742,1490.9
Tony GLTU$5,179,6200.9
Bill KleinUS$3,913,1470.8
Dan PerperUS$2,113,4250.8
David EinhornUS$5,152,8630.8
Zach HymanUS$1,917,7870.8
Leon TsoukernikCZ$882,2620.75
John MorganUS$635,5110.7
Lauren RobertsUS$223,0460.7
Kevin HartUS$00.6

3)  Dream. Declare. Display 

As you likely know from our Daily 3-Bet dispatches over the years Daniel Negreanuhas a mantra he swears by:

Daniel Negreanu 2015 WSOP Day 3

We wouldn't bet against him.

Dream. Declare. Deliver.

Some say it's psychobabble; others suggest if you can't visualize yourself winning before you start you might as well not even play.

Given Negreanu's $33m in career live earnings and perpetual rosy outlook on life as one of the game's most iconic poker players, we lean towards the idea he's on to something.

As we also mentioned a short time ago Negreanu has big plans for this summer that involve about $1m in buy-ins, 3 WSOP bracelets around his wrists and a third WSOP Player of the Year award.

Big ask? Sure. A very real possibility for DNegs? Absolutely. In fact if he does, he's already got the display cases ready:

To be filled by end of July 2017... #BraceletHuntinghttps://t.co/eR4GYpS1Ej— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) May 25, 2017

To be filled by end of July 2017... #BraceletHunting

A post shared by Daniel Negreanu (@dnegspoker) on May 25, 2017 at 1:17pm PDT

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