Daily 3-Bet: Martin Wins BBCan5, SCOOP = Hundos, McDs Bet Go

Note: Not actually Mike Noori. But likely good impression of him trying to hold food in.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a 4k-piece McNugget, a lb of added cheese and a box-of-Oreo McFlurry to wash down the craziest afternoon poker news meal ever.

Have some news you'd like to share in a future 3-Bet? Drop us a line in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find another poker pro crushing the Reality TV game, Chance Kornuth gets SCOOPed and Mike Noori embarks on a noble eating challenge.

1) Martin Wins Big Brother

As followers of the 3-Bet will know poker pros have proven over the years to be:

Winner! (Photo: THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO - Global TV)
  • 1) Favorites of casting agents to put on Reality TV shows
  • 2) Hit-and-miss in their success on said shows
  • 3) Unafraid to try out both GTO and exploitative strategies in new and intriguing ways 'normal' contestants don't think of

Poker pros who have done well in Reality TV formats? Fatima Moreira de Melo, the de Meulder brothers, Annie Duke, David Williams and Vanessa Rousso.

Pros who haven't fared quite as well? Jean-Robert Bellande, Garrett Adelstein, Jim Rice and Anna Khait.

Add Canadian PokerStars Team Online pro Kevin Martin to the former group. The two-time invitee just won the latest edition of Big Brother Canada (Season 5) last night in a 9-0 sweep. As you might guess, the 24-year-old from Calgary, Alberta is pretty stoked about it:

Chalk another one up for poker as perfect prep for navigating the cutthroat Reality TV world. Negreanu has to be next, right?

2) Kornuth Demolishes SCOOP Bounty, Gets Some Reminders

High-stakes regular Chance Kornuth dismantled the field yesterday in SCOOP - 39 - H, the $1,050 NLHE Progressive Knockout event, to win his first SCOOP title this year.

Not only did he win $163k, he earned more in bounties ($81k) than virtually every other casher COMBINED.

That's a sick payout chart. Of course, as this is poker, it always comes with a catch:

Check the rest of the latest SCOOP results over on the PokerStars blog; check here to see the impressive lineup of tournaments waiting to close out SCOOP this weekend.

3) McDonald's Bet Underway, Charitable Drive Gains Speed

For those who remember the terrifying Eat $1,000 Worth of McDonald's in 36 hours prop bet we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, poker pro Mike Noori has begun the challenge today.

A quick reminder of the conditions:

He also has to do the whole challenge in a Hamburglar costume. Those who'd liked to follow along can check the Twitter account above for videos and updates.

Also of note: Alongside the bet a charitable drive has been initiated to "raise money and awareness for hunger problems around the world." From the GoFundMe Page:

"My friend Phong "Turbo" Nguyen, also a poker player, travels to Vietnam every Christmas to buy supplies, food and clothes to give back to the needy there. Turbo came from Vietnam with nothing, it's his way of giving back.


"Every dollar contributed to this campaign will be matched by Turbo, dollar for dollar, up to $20,000. Every dollar collected will go to increasing the amount of supplies, food and clothing that is given out this year."

At press time over $12,500 had already been raised; donate here.

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