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Daily 3-Bet: Magic Joe, Model Moorman, TCOOP on a Yacht!

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a monohull tri-deck, a handful of Gravol and just the right sea legs to navigate the choppiest of afternoon poker news waters.

Got a hot tip for a future edition of the 3-Bet? Fill us in in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find some freeroll magic in London, Chris Moorman gives some blue steel and the Thirst Lounge floats again.

1) "Magic" Joe Gets Paid

There are few things that warm our hearts more than a good "freeroll to riches" story and we've stumbled across yet another one today from the PokerStars Festival London.

joe johnson winner day3

Magic Joe gets paid. (Photo: PokerStars)

According to the PokerStars blogJoe "Magic" Johnson (which is obv. best nickname a man can ever aspire to) is a 23-year-old cash game grinder from London who plies his trade at the Hippodrome Casino.

During Nov/Dec of last year the casino ran a loyalty program where the 48 players that accumulated the most loyalty points won a seat to a freeroll.

The winner of said freeroll earned £4,000 in tournament credits he or she could then use at the ongoing PokerStars Festival London.

Johnson, who his friends say "never plays tournaments," won the freeroll. He then cashed in half of his credit for a spot in this past week's £2,200 High Roller event.

Then, as you might have already guessed, he won it after agreeing to a two-handed deal with runner-up Enzo Del Piero.

His total take? £59,912, which is not only the biggest tourney score of his career but an astronomical return on a £0 investment.

Mbn. Read the whole rundown of Johnson's great run right here.

2) Moorman Wins, Writes Again

The UK's Chris Moorman is, as you might know, the most successful online poker tournament player of all time. Not just 25+ Triple Crowns/$13m+ earnings successful but the online poker player who has likely won the most tournaments ever, too.

As a sponsored 888poker pro Moorman has been plying his trade the past week in the ongoing Super XL Series and, after claiming a final table in Event #1, went one better yesterday when he won Event #38 for $16k.

Not his biggest prize ever but simply more proof he might be the best tournament closer online poker's ever seen.

If you're interested in hearing about his rise to the #1 spot in online poker history, his second book is due out this summer. Befitting a model poker success story he's flashed a bit of Blue Steel for the cover photo, too, as you can see below:

I'm so excited to share my new book cover. Almost finished writing and will be out by the @wsop this summer @888poker #888poker pic.twitter.com/bwGT8DceVd— Chris Moorman (@Moorman1) January 25, 2017

If you haven't heeded his advice from his first book, here are a few tips from the man himself to get you started.

3) I'm On a Yacht

Ever fire up a major tourney session and have to keep one eye on your laptop and another on the open waves for pirates?

That's just the way Bill Perkins and pal Jeff Gross roll. The two are currently OUT ON A YACHT off the coast of the British Virgin Islands playing a session for Perkins' Twitch channel, The Thirst Lounge.

Gross is on the stream playing a whole gaggle of the ongoing tournament series including the partypoker Powerfest, 888poker Super XL Series and the PokerStars TCOOP.

As you might imagine, it's pretty sweet. We def. recommend subscribing. And be on the lookout for more giveaways from the ever-generous Perkins. Check it out below:

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