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Daily 3-Bet: Ivey Gimcrackery, GPL Raging, 252 and Dropping

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a firkin of flim-flam, a hogshead of twaddle and a teeming runlet of afternoon poker news fiddle-faddle.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the Borgata go to the thesaurus, Alex Dreyfus and the GPL already under fire and the WSOP Main Event graphically illustrating poker's dude problem.

1) Borgata Calls Ivey Countersuit "Gimcrackery"

Remember the ongoing $10m legal battle between the Borgata in Atlantic City and poker icon Phil Ivey?

Even Nucky's like wha?

A quick refresher: Ivey and a companion won $9.6m playing Baccarat over a few high-stakes sessions in 2012. The Borgata sued to get its money back claiming Ivey Edge Sorted.

Ivey countersued for $10m, saying he did edge sort but the Borgata similarly seeks an advantage over players by plying them with alcohol and flirty waitresses.

Yesterday the Borgata filed a claim asking for Ivey's countersuit to be thrown out suggesting it amounts to "gimcrackery" - aka "cheap, showy, useless trifles."

Which, kudos to the Borgata lawyers for going to the thesaurus for the most old-timey way possible to describe it. We're gonna go back and see which episode of Boardwalk Empire they got it from.

A judge will hear the request on Nov. 2.

2) "Six Guys vs. Six Guys Raging Against Each Other"

Poker entrepreneur Alex Dreyfus launched his ambitious 2016 Global Poker League project this week and more or less from the jump has been taken to task by poker players on Twitter for a variety of sleights/doubts, real or perceived.

alex dreyfus 1
Dreyfus under fire.

Give Dreyfus credit, though. He's more than willing to step up with the best answers he can and will even host a live Q&A on Twitch next week to answer more.

One of the newest? His use of the word "guys" in an interview with Vice's Motherboard. Speaking to writer Emanuel Maiberg Dreyfus was quoted as saying "I want to see six guys versus six guys raging against each other."

Poker pro Melissa Burr picked up on it and took aim while Dreyfus tried to clarify:

.@alex_dreyfus @Kevmath @motherboard this is maddening...and you people wonder about the absence of women. pic.twitter.com/YcrF7reaMs— Melissa Burr (@burrrrrberry) October 8, 2015

@burrrrrberry @Kevmath @motherboard Obviously :) It is just a quote, out of context, said by a french guy in english, in a loud restaurant.— Alexandre Dreyfus (@alex_dreyfus) October 8, 2015

@Kevmath I'm not in charge of the draft of each teams. Statistically, there will be at least 3 female players out of 60. Hopefully more.— Alexandre Dreyfus (@alex_dreyfus) October 8, 2015

You can argue with the nitpicking of a language choice but it's the last tweet that should prick up the ears of concern.

3) Poker Has A Dude Problem

Coincidentally, while the Women in the GPL debate raged on Twitter, we happened to be catching up on the latest 2015 WSOP Main Event episodes on ESPN. Now on Day 5 with under 80 players left and only two women, this graphic appeared on screen:

Screen shot 2015 10 08 at 2.13.44 PM

Buried under the play button there you can see the cold, hard facts about the dearth of women in poker in 2015.

Just 252 of the 6,450 players in this year's Main Event were women. Any way you slice it, or explain it away with Ladies Events or the success of a few of the game's top women, that seems like a problem.

What's the solution? Well, we're not sure. But we're pretty confident Step 1 is listening to Cate Hall more:

I wish there was more loud dick-measuring about football knowledge at the poker table.€” Cate Hall (@catehall) October 4, 2015

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