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Today in the 3-Bet we find a chorus of critics bemoaning Phil Ivey’s latest bracelet win, the WSOP APAC Main Event getting ready to kick off and the Rounders screenwriters say Matt Damon, Ed Norton and John Turturro have agreed to return for a second go-round.

1) Haters Jump on Ivey Bracelet Win

Phil Ivey won his ninth WSOP bracelet last night in Australia and it wasn't long before the critics started questioning it.

Even in a traditionally small event like 8-Game the numbers for Event 3 were, granted, low – 81 runners and $51k up top. Given the turnout and prize money then, the haters say his bracelet win is a bit tainted.

Something we think is, well, ridiculous. Just a few of the arguments against would be that field sizes were that small for the first 8 years of the WSOP, it’s not Ivey’s fault 8-Game is a tough sell in Australia and, bottom line, you still have to WIN a bracelet – no one hands it to you.

If you watched the live stream last night you know Brandon Wong didn't exactly fold up shop in the heads-up either - Ivey had to earn it.

Also of note: the three events at the first-ever WSOPE in 2007 had field sizes of 105, 165 and 362 – pretty comparable. 

2) WSOP APAC Main Event, High Roller on Tap

Final table
The thrill is on at Crown.

Speaking of events no one should have a problem with, the first-ever World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific Main Event starts tomorrow and it promises to be a thriller.

A full AUD $10,000 buy-in, all of the best local players from Australia and the Pacific, plenty of big-name superstars like Negreanu, Ivey, Hellmuth, Juanda and Esfandiari and one of the best poker rooms in the world to play it in.

Seems like a recipe for magic if we've ever seen it. Main event satellites have also been booming at the Crown with one of the latest yesterday adding another 34 seats into the field at a minimum.

Game time for Day 1 is 6 pm local time tomorrow, which is a fairly gross 4 am ET, but things should likely stay plenty interesting over the course of the day.

Also on the coming APAC agenda is the $50k High Roller and the All Star Caesars Cup featuring legends of poker from North America, Europe and the Pacific.

Tune in for the big finish right here on PokerListings.com.

3) Damon, Norton and Turturro in for Rounders 2

So, moving to some non-APAC news - ever wonder where Worm goes when he leaves Binghamton?

ESPN sports guru Bill Simmons did, and so did one of his readers, prompting him to email Rounders screenwriters David Levien and Brian Koppleman for an answer. He got one, and it's awesome. From Grantland:

"Worm meant it when he said 'highway time.' But he needed to fill his pockets for the road. So he found his way to a backroom game in the Bronx, far away from KGB's territory.

More of this, please.

“Unfortunately, he forgot that he'd heard about this game from the guy he'd fleeced for the cigarettes in the prison hearts game. That guy had been released too, saw Worm and chased him halfway across town on foot.

“We actually shot that scene, edited and screened it too, but it ended up on the cutting room floor."

"Here's what happened after: Worm took full advantage of all the scamming opportunities presented by the Moneymaker/online poker boom.

“He joined up with a series of dodgy sites in distant locales, promoted, ripped off, and profited like mad. After that … well, that's where Rounders 2 will pick up.

“In fact, Jeff from OKC, if you and other Rounders fans want to see what happened, e-mail Harvey Weinstein (who has always been a loyal supporter of Rounders) or tweet him at @weinsteinfilms.

“We're sure he'd love to hear from you. Matt, Edward, John and the rest of us are all set to go."

You heard the man. Start emailing.

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