Daily 3-Bet: Hellmuth Chomp, SHRPO Stream, Don't Be a Poker Creep

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is BBQ sauce on your cheek, sesame seeds in your mustache and a very clear bite out of the afternoon poker news burger.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Hellmuth still getting no closer to that Carl Jr's Thickburger, the $100k High Roller and $10m SHRPO Main Event get the Hartigan and Stapes treatment and Elena Stover explains how to minimize your creep factor at the poker table.

1) Longer Cut, Still No Bite

Carl's Jr. has doubled down on that Phil Hellmuth commercial we wrote about a while ago, releasing the full 30-second spot over the weekend.

Despite our "outrage" over the clear lack of a bite in that teaser they failed to take our concerns into consideration on the new edit.

In fact, given the close-ups, it makes it even clearer Hellmuth's not really taking a bite out of that delicious American Burger.

Is it too much to ask for a little sauce planted on his mustache for the suspension of our disbelief? Maybe so. But love the fact he's getting some major mainstream pub again. Carl's Jr for 2015 WSOP sponsor? Yes please.

2) $100k High Roller Live Stream on PokerStars.tv

Avoiding digging into work on the first full day back from summer break? Thankfully the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open has anticipated your procrastinating needs and is live streaming the 5-handed $100k High Roller final table today and 6-handed final table of the $10m guaranteed Main Event tomorrow.

Despite a bit of controversy over the payout structure Scott SeiverRyan FeeJason MoJosh Arieh and Jake Schindler are back vying to make the top 3 of the High Roller today.

Still alive in the $10m Guaranteed Main Event with the $2.5m overlay: Pros Joe KeutherShawn CunixMike "GoLeafsGo" Leah and High Roller crusher/pariah Dan Colman.

Should be a good couple of days of poker brought to you by the A-team of poker commentary, James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton, in their first-ever US streaming effort. Text updates available here; live stream below:

3) How Not to Be a Creep at the Poker Table

When it really boils down to it this should be a pretty easy one, really. Treat everyone at the poker table, male or female, like a human being.

You know, a person with feelings and a mom and dad or son or daughter or grandma who may or may not be still alive. And a person likely uninterested in any of your sexual advances.

A lot of poker players, however, seem to struggle with this basic conceit. Particularly when it comes to sharing the felt with a female poker player, says card room reg Elena "@thegroupie" Stover.

One of the few female players to withstand the onslaught of marginal behavior she was/is subjected to at the poker table and keep pursuing her passion for the game, Stover has helpfully written up a few tips for male players on how not to be so creepy.

Without giving away all of them here, it's pretty safe to say you should start with not calling any lady at your table "sweetheart." Check the full list on Bluff Europe.

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