Daily 3-Bet: Hellmuth Go0sed, Ben86 in Deep, King of Hill 2

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a bag of cash, a pile of receipts and an increasingly clear picture of how much you made in the afternoon poker news Masters.

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Today in the 3-bet we find Phil Hellmuth getting Go0sed in the Poker Masters, Ben Tollerene has some ground to make up and the King of the Hill challenge is back.

1) Hellmuth Uncorked

As we mentioned yesterday the breakout star of the Poker Masters has been Steffen 'Go0se.core!' Sontheimer and boy did he deliver more of the same yesterday.

The front runner for the Purple Jacket not only finished Day 1 in the $100k in the Top 5 in chips, he put Phil Hellmuth in the cement mixer and got him so worked up over the last hour Phil could barely see straight. Sample below:

Needless to say, that was fun to watch.

With 15 players left and $1.5m up top to the winner Sontheimer still has to fade Brian RastDaniel Negreanu and German cohorts Fedor Holz and Stefan Schillhabel, among others at the top of the counts, to secure the jacket.

But if there's any poker justice after Sontheimer's week (3 final tables, a bubble and a win) even a 2nd or 3rd-place finish will put him over the top. Here's how they stack up heading into today:

1. Brian Rast 959,000 USA
2. Justin Bonomo 780,500 USA
3. Daniel Negreanu 745,500 Canada
4. Steffen Sontheimer 696,500 Germany
5. Fedor Holz 662,500 Germany
6. Stefan Schillhabel 539,000 Germany
7. Jake Schindler 507,000 USA
8. Ben Tollerene 499,000 USA
9. Seth Davies 479,000 USA
10. Dan Smith 476,500 USA
11. Christian Christner 377,500 Germany
12. Dan Shak 236,000 USA
13. Byron Kaverman 200,000 USA
14. Stephen Chidwick 69,500 UK
15. Phil Hellmuth 49,500 USA

Watch the full replay of yesterday's action on PokerGO and follow the live stream today as they play to the final table of 7.

2) Tollerene in for $450k

The flipside to playing the Poker Masters is, of course, that while there's obviously a lot of money and prestige to be won there's a lot at stake if you don't run well.

NEIL5911 Ben Tollerene PCP2017 Neil Stoddart
Down but not out. (Photo: Neil Stoddart)

A $50k a pop (with 1 re-entry) for the first 4 prelims and a single $100k for the finale, buy-ins add up quickly. And if you don't hit one of those 6-8 payout spots you're taking a pretty big dent in your bankroll.

Among the high-stakes regs who haven't seen their buy-ins pay off are Jason KoonIsaac HaxtonStephen ChidwickScott SeiverAlan ScheinSean WinterRainer Kempe and Ben Tollerene, all of whom are down over $300k (or percentage thereof).

Tollerene appears to be down the most at $450k but with a 499k stack in the $100k still might rub some salve on the wound. Chidwick also still has a shot at a cash but the rest will have to lick their wounds and battle another day.

Here's an updated look at ROI as of today (Note: Seven $50k buy-ins unaccounted for Event #1)

PlayerCashesNet WinningsBuy-InsROI
Steffen Sontheimer$1,221,000$821,000$400,000205%
Bryn Kenney$1,085,000$635,000$450,000141%
Brandon Adams$819,000$569,000$250,000228%
Nick Schulman$918,000$568,000$350,000162%
Doug Polk$612,000$262,000$350,00075%
Matt Hyman$561,000$261,000$300,00087%
Erik Seidel$576,000$226,000$350,00065%
Fedor Holz$550,000$100,000$450,00022%
Tom Marchese$300,000$50,000$250,00020%
Jake Schindler$409,500$9,500$400,0002%
Daniel Cates$0-$50,000$50,000-100%
Keith Lehr$0-$50,000$50,000-100%
Layne Flack$0-$50,000$50,000-100%
Sam Soverel$0-$50,000$50,000-100%
Zach Clark$0-$50,000$50,000-100%
David Peters$273,000-$77,000$350,000-22%
Phil Hellmuth$200,000-$100,000$300,000-33%
Ben Lamb$0-$100,000$100,000-100%
Lawrence Greenberg$0-$100,000$100,000-100%
Nick Petrangelo$0-$100,000$100,000-100%
Seth Davies$0-$100,000$100,000-100%
Stefan Schillhabel$306,000-$144,000$450,000-32%
Dominik Nitsche$178,500-$171,500$350,000-49%
Christian Christner$175,000-$175,000$350,000-50%
Dan Shak$100,000-$200,000$300,000-67%
Brian Rast$0-$200,000$200,000-100%
Dan Smith$192,000-$208,000$400,000-52%
Adrian Mateos$277,500-$222,500$500,000-45%
Justin Bonomo$175,500-$224,500$400,000-56%
Koray Aldemir$153,000-$247,000$400,000-62%
Zach Hyman$0-$250,000$250,000-100%
Sergio Aido$96,000-$254,000$350,000-73%
Cary Katz$120,000-$280,000$400,000-70%
Daniel Negreanu$102,000-$298,000$400,000-75%
Stephen Chidwick$0-$300,000$300,000-100%
Isaac Haxton$0-$350,000$350,000-100%
Jason Koon$0-$350,000$350,000-100%
Scott Seiver$0-$350,000$350,000-100%
Sean Winter$0-$350,000$350,000-100%
Alan Schein$0-$400,000$400,000-100%
Rainer Kempe$0-$400,000$400,000-100%
Ben Tollerene$0-$450,000$450,000-100%

3) Busquet, Deeb, Talbot Join for KOTH 2

After yesterday's tailspin at the Poker Masters Phil Hellmuth might have headed back to his suite with a need for some affirmation that he's still the best in the game, as he so often reminds us.

He didn't have to look far, though, as he won the $200,000 King of the Hill Heads-Up Challenge and finished 2nd in the WPT Legends of Poker main event just last month.

As champions tend to do, Hellmuth probably got over it pretty quick. He'll need to keep that spirit up, though, as he'll be back to defend his title in a new King of the Hill Challenge Oct. 6-7.

This time around his foes will be Olivier BusquetShaun Deeb and 2017 Rising Star nominee Parker Talbot - an intriguing mix of talent/personality. Action will be live streamed again on Poker Night in America's Twitch channel. Check the preview below:

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