Daily 3-Bet: Hellmuth Cares, Ivey Bores, Phelps Goes Pro

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Hellmuth giving even more time and money to charity, Phil Ivey alienating his fans with his embarrassing tweets and Olympic legend Michael Phelps turning to a new career in poker (maybe).

1) Hellmuth Running Charity Benefit in Madison

hellmuth USO
Can never say Hellmuth doesn't give back.

Along with his child-like poker outbursts, incessant Twitter name-dropping and possible personality disorder, there’s one other important thing that can always be said about Phil Hellmuth:

He gives a lot of his time and money to charity.

From the Tiger Woods Foundation to Ben Affleck’s Eastern Congo initiative to dozens of organizations in between, Hellmuth has never been nitty with his celebrity when it comes to good causes.

In fact, according to writer Doug Moe, by the end of 2012 Hellmuth will have hosted or emceed 20 charity events and raised in the neighborhood of $21 million.

The Poker Brat is up to his charitable best again this Saturday in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, hosting the third annual Hold 'Em with Hellmuth event to benefit Agrace HospiceCare.

On top of a chance to win a new car or a 2013 WSOP main event seat, Hellmuth is bringing along high-profile friends Jerry Yang, Gavin Smith, Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Olympic speedskater Casey FitzRandolph.

If you’re in Madison, the public is welcome to play or watch. Tickets are available online.

2) @PhilIvey Alienating Fans and Pros With Dull Tweets

We mentioned Phil Ivey’s new Twitter surge on Monday, but it hasn't taken long for the blandness of the tweets to start alienating at least a few fans and pros.

Among the most perturbed? Pro Ashton Griffin:

The @philivey twitter account is a joke. Sorry that I'm not sorry, but the insincerity is pathetic. Currently contemplating why I care.— Ashton Griffin (@arfarfhowl) August 16, 2012

Can't really argue with him too much, given some of the most recent "shares" from the @PhilIvey account. E.g:

Average temp in Vegas this week 106 2012 will go down as perhaps the hottest summer on record…glad I work indoors!— Phil Ivey (@philivey) August 16, 2012

My Olympics start next month #WSOPEurope wsop.com/2012/wsope— Phil Ivey (@philivey) August 16, 2012

And those are two of the more engaging ones.

Everyone knows Ivey has never been behind his own tweets (rumors were it used to be the Wicked Chops guys), but the pure oatmeal flavor of the new persona is quickly doing more harm than good.

Or it least it should. He still has 115,000 or so followers, but it won't be long with tweets like that until that number starts dropping precipitously.

Picking up followers though? The new @WhatAboutIvey fake account.

3) Olympic Legend Michael Phelps Has Poker "Problem"

Michael Phelps
If he can survive Bush, he can survive poker.

Since the wrap of the Olympics last weekend in London, much ado has been made about Olympic legend Michael Phelps' plans for the future.

With a net worth of reportedly $45 million, "friends" of Phelps have now told the National Enquirer they're worried he might blow it all on his "poker problem."

Says said supposed poker-playing "friend," via The Daily Mail:

"All Michael thinks about is gambling. Michael has a 'don't quit until you win' attitude which was great while he was swimming but could be costly playing poker."

The source also said Phelps has spent "hundreds of thousands of dollars on poker already, and now that he's retired from competitive swimming, everyone's worried he'll be betting millions more."

Sigh. Yeah, sure.

Phelps' connection to poker has never been hidden. And he of course has several notable friends in the poker industry including Jeff Gross, Christian Harder, Josh Brikis and Phil Hellmuth. His infamous bong-gate photo was also taken at the house of poker pro Carter King.

Somehow, however, we think Phelps will rise above and keep his life from going down the poker toilet.

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