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Daily 3-Bet: durrrr Furor, Cates Enigma, Yang Seizure

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a last-minute loophole found in the fine print that saves you from afternoon poker news foreclosure.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet, feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find Tom “durrrr” Dwan getting snippy in response to a Dan Cates tweet, Cates getting in-depth on his recent travels and future poker plans and former WSOP Main Event champ Jerry Yang’s gold bracelet on the IRS auction block.

1) Dwan to Cates: Don’t Be a Twitter Dick

So after we posted our interview with Tom Dwan from EPT London yesterday, in which he implied the on-hiatus durrrr Challenge between him and Dan "Jungleman12" Cates would resume shortly, things got a little heated between the high-stakes heavyweights.

Earlier in the day Cates sent a tweet suggesting durrrr was spending too much time playing other games/opponents rather than getting back to the challenge, and after our interview went up durrrr responded in kind.

Cates then fired back before reversing course and suggesting they take it offline:

@tomdwan depends on what exactly you mean by this. Talk to you in private about it.— Daniel Cates (@junglemandan) March 12, 2013

@tomdwan debatable you owe me tbh, but rather not take this online unless you want more of our business aired.— Daniel Cates (@junglemandan) March 12, 2013

So ... who knows where it's at now. Cates owes durrrr? durrrr owes Cates? Challenge is back on soon?

Either way, things seem to be getting closer to a head. We'll keep you posted.

2) Cates Living in Cape Town, “Working on Charisma”

A puzzle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a scarf.

Speaking of the enigmatic Cates, HighStakesDB.com has just posted a new interview with the Jungleman with the latest on where he’s been and where his head’s at these days.

As it turns out Cates has settled in Cape Town, South Africa, for the winter and says he’s been “Working on my charisma, exercising a lot and dieting, and doing some more esoteric stuff such as practicing the alexander technique and scuba diving.”

He’s won a bunch online, he says, lost a bunch live, stopped being staked by Tony G., still waiting on millions from the DOJ and generally looking forward to playing high-stakes again online and working on his future away from poker:

“Eventually, I will no longer be a poker player. However I really enjoy the freedom, connections, and lifestyle it provides me with. As for when the DOJ pays me, of course I will be online playing the highest stakes ;). I will try to find something like investing, to learn after poker, or perhaps something it parlays into.”

First durrrr, now Cates suggesting poker is a finite career? This is not turning out to be a good week at all for the fanboys.

For more on Cates, check the Easy Game mini-documentary we shot with him last year at the PokerListing Battle of Malta.

3) Yang Main Event Bracelet at IRS Auction?

Jerry Yang
Losing his bling.

Speaking of poker enigmas ... it seems 2007 WSOP Main Event champ Jerry Yang has found himself in some trouble with the IRS.

Originally dug up by PokerDivas from an article on Business Insider, an IRS auction notice posted in Sacramento looks to be offering up a number of Yang's items that were seized for non-payment of taxes.

Among the items on the auction block:

  • Corum bracelet and Corum watch won at the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event
  • 14K man’s gold bracelet with “WSOP Champ”
  • Man’s gold necklace with an “A’s of Hearts” pendent with white embedded diamonds (10K)
  • silver breast plate “Hmong” cultural jewelry

Given the pictures and the Hmong jewelry, it's pretty hard not to connect the items to Yang. Check the full list and photos here.

If you're interested in your very own hand-me-down WSOP Main Event bracelet, though, bidding starts and $6,389.40 and mail-in bids are accepted.

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