Daily 3-Bet: Deeb Defense, Slim Hustle, ESPN Ruins Poker?

0226 Shaun Deeb
Deeb under fire for slowroll.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a pair of loaded dice, some sleight of hand and a perfect C cup that pockets everything on the afternoon prop bet table.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Shaun Deeb defending his contentious slowroll on Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, Alexis Conran resurrecting a classic Amarillo Slim hustle and a peculiar argument suggesting ESPN's Main Event coverage is actually ruining poker.

1) Deeb Defends Poker Night Slowroll

Mike Matusow
Says slowrolling is the "one thing" he can't take.

So the recent Poker Night in America clip of Shaun Deeb slowrolling Mike "The Mouth" Matusow is inspiring some raging debate it seems.

Feelings are clearly in three camps: "Mike deserved it," "a bit mean but still funny" and "Deeb is a complete douche." Deeb himself falls somewhere in the middle, based on the defense he posted:

"just to chime in yah I've done a lot of slowrolls in my day a few times for a lot more equity than this pot. Timing was really poor he just did lose that 30k+ pot the hand before.

"But as anyone can see its a fun homegame **** talking was encourage we were there to have a good time and slowrolling was at the time a good decision.

"But, Mike and myself are very close friends have logged many hours and we had discussed years prior his hate of slowrolls I had forgotten that in the moment and regretted it since I feared it would hurt our friendship.

"Anyone who thinks mikey was acting doesn't know him but as you can see the rest of the table thought it was hilarious and that's the type of table it was..."

If you missed it, here's the clip again:

2) Amarillo Slim Sugarcube Hustle Lives Again

Remember the sweet-sounding Hustling America show we mentioned a couple of weeks ago?

It's hit the air running with three great episodes so far including a spin through Vegas where magician/prop bettor Alexis Conran revisits a classic Amarillo Slim jailhouse hustle.

Also making an appearance: Prop bettor Brian Zembic, famed for getting breast implants (and keeping them for 17 years!) for $100k.

Watch the full episode by clicking below (Slim hustle at 8:30, boob reveal 31:45):

Screen shot 2013 09 24 at 12.29.38 PM

3) Has ESPN Ruined Poker? Not Likely

ESPN Stage Under Construction
Ruined poker or brought in millions of dollars to poker economy?

So tbh we've read this piece by Argun M. Ulgen a couple times and we're still not sure we understand what ESPN has done to "ruin" poker. The crux seems to be:

"For a network so responsible for the online poker boom, its continual emphasis on short-run, high variance coverage of poker hands – Aces winning one hand and then getting quashed by a bad beat ten minutes later – continually ebbed against strengthening the perception of poker as a game of skill.

"ESPN’s World Series of Poker coverage routinely failed to provide by way of non-intrusive info graphics or quick commentary fundamental, skill-based pieces of information.

"Rarely did the broadcast provide players’ positions and stack sizes, or the tournament’s blind levels. The audience was mostly treated to showdown results, which, whether it is poker, basketball, or finance, is always heavily flavored with luck. And eventually luck runs out."

So, we think, basically ESPN downplays the skill/strategy parries of talented pros in favor of splashy all-ins/feel-good storylines. End result is less perception as a skill game and delayed legality.

Ruined poker, though? Guess that depends on how you see the millions (billions?) of dollars pumped into the poker economy by people who discovered poker through ESPN over the last decade.

See for yourself how great the WSOP on ESPN is tonight at 9:30 pm ET with the latest episodes. Catch up with previous episodes here.

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