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Daily 3-Bet: Aaron Paul Pt. 2, #FreeKassouf, Get Staking

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a zip of the lips, a mimed air-fold and 25 mins to think things over in the afternoon poker news sin bin.

Have something you'd like to see featured in a 3-Bet? Let us know in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find an Aaron Paul injection for the GPL, internet justice for William Kassouf and a new door into the staking game.

1) Aaron Paul Meets 6-Max

The Global Poker League returned to action yesterday with some new tweaks, some stellar 6-Max action and a new commentary team in Jonathan Little and Roland Boothby.

Aaron Paul jersey long IMG 6181
Can summer magic return?

Despite the presence of superstars Jason Mercier and Maria Ho, who each won matches, along with Kitty KuoXuan LiuByron Kaverman and Liv Boeree, viewership was fairly modest -- although the potential is clearly there for a surge as the season carries forward.

Heads-up matches are underway today with Timothy Adams already sweeping Wayne ZhangAnatoly Filatov and George Danzer about to square off and Justin Bonomo and Dominik Nitsche battling in the nightcap.

Next week's 6-Max action, though, will be a good litmus test for the GPL's potential as its prize celeb - LA Sunset member Aaron Paul - will be back for his first go at 6-Max.

If the buzz around his Cube appearance this summer can be regenerated, next week's stream numbers might be a GPL high-water mark.

Watch all the action today, tomorrow and in the near future right here.

2) DNegs on Penalty: "Horrified by Unjust Ruling"

Kassouf Penalty Effel
Effel out of line?

While ESPN is doing its best to paint UK speech play aficionado Will Kassouf as this year's Main Event bad guy, there are more than a few people who feel like he's been unjustly vilified.

At the very least, anyway, they feel his one-round penalty for taunting Stacy Matuson was unwarranted.

Chief among them?

Fellow speech play practitioner Daniel Negreanu, who tweeted his dismay and will follow up with a podcast about it tomorrow:

Just saw the penalty against Will Kassouf. Absolutely horrified by the unjust ruling of a one round penalty. So many things wrong with it.— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) September 21, 2016

Even worse at the end of the hand shaming the guy who had every right to call the clock. Floorman comment was totally out of line.— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) September 21, 2016

I thought Stacy Maduson's post hand behavior towards the clock caller was infinitely worse than the behavior of Kassouf.— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) September 21, 2016

 More than a few people agreed with Daniel:

@WilliamKassouf rightly being judged as in the right on this issue by most people #freekassouf https://t.co/g079Uj557C— GaryF (@gary_personal) September 21, 2016

@WilliamKassouf Since when we're not allowed to even move at the poker table...#JackEffelouttaLine— p theodosiadis (@AC_hustla1980) September 20, 2016

@Kevmath @SportsTVRatings The @WilliamKassouf Effect..... And the really bad 1 round penalty debate.. #SoWrong— Phil Heald (@TheTower68) September 20, 2016

 Watch the replay of the controversial hand at the beginning of Episode 4 here. What's your take?

3) Connect, Stake, Learn and Earn

Ever watch one of your favorite poker players on TV and think "Man, I wish I had a share of that guy."?

Now you can!

Stake Kings is "the most exclusive global poker community and staking platform in the world" and gives you - humble, mild, on-the-couch poker fan, you - a chance to have a piece of (and profit from) some of the best poker pros in the world.

There are 3 ways to get in the action: fixed-bid listings, auction listings and multi-way auction listings. Need it all explained? Check the intro video below:

Among the amazing list of pros you can buy a share of include new Stake Kings poster child Antonio Esfandiari, 2x $50k Players Championship winner Brian RastJeff GrossJonathan LittleChris HunichenRupert Elder and Xuan Liu.

That's a very good list. Find out more here.

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