Brian Hastings Wins $10K Stud, Collects $480K Including Side Bets

Brian Hastings bet big on himself and won.

Earlier this summer, Hastings challenged the poker world's best to beat him.

Hastings offered even money on himself and proposed using Daniel Negreanu’s $25K Fantasy Draft points system to determine the victor.

Hastings booked all the action he wanted in just a few hours and got some bracelet bets to go along with it.

He cashed in on those bets today.

Hastings earned $239,518 for taking down the $10,000 Stud Championship and says he won at least double that when you include side bets.

With one bet in the books so early on and nearly half a million in winnings, Hastings said he might be open to book some more action.

“I’ve got more money to fire [on bets] now,” laughed Hastings.

“I mean, I still have all the Fantasy Draft bets that are to be determined but this obviously helps me quite a bit.

Bryan Hastings 10KStud 1 5

Brian Hastings and Scott Clements

“There’s a long summer ahead still.”

No Slowing Down Now

The victory put Hastings third in fantasy points, right behind Mike Leah and Paul Volpe.

But Hastings doesn’t plan on slowing down. To celebrate his victory, Hastings said he’s grabbing some dinner and jumping straight into the $10,000 No-Limit 2-7.

“I came into this summer with high expectations obviously,” said Hastings.

“I decided to bet a lot on myself but I worked on my game a lot last year.

“I just thought I was in a really good place where I could come here every day and play my A-game and I think I’ve done that so far.”

One game that Hastings worked a lot on was seven-card stud.

Working on Stud

“I think stud high is actually one of my better games,” said Hastings.

Bryan Hastings 10KStud 1 4

The final hand of the 2015 $10K Stud Championship

“It used to be a game that I felt kind of lost in but I think I figured a lot out in the last few years.”

Aside from playing seven-card stud online, Hastings said he’s been playing the game in a four-game mix twice a week in Florida.

Hastings has also been working on his stud game away from the table.

“I’ve been running equity calculations and stuff,” said Hastings.

“I'm sure a lot of people in this tournament would think I made a lot of very loose calls on third street.

“I think [the calls are] correct but a lot of people don't.

“I got my stud high game to a pretty good place. I think I showed it today.”

The Road to Victory

Hastings started the final table with the chip lead and held on to it for the majority of the day.

On his way to victory, Hastings eliminated half the players at the final table and amassed nearly two-thirds of the chips with four players left.

When play got three-handed, Hastings nearly had a 10-1 lead on his closest opponent.

When play got heads-up, Scott Clements managed to close the gap to a 2-1 deficit but that's as good as it would get.

This was Hastings' tournament.

In the final hand, Hastings hit a flush on fifth street with 2♦ 5♦ J♦ 8♦ 9♦ and Clements was drawing to an ace-high flush draw.

But Clements pulled a K♥ on the river and Hastings took down the tournament, his second WSOP bracelet and a bunch of money in side bets.

If you plan on betting against Hastings in the future, he has some advice.

“Keep betting,” said Hastings. “Please.”

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